Medine Memi: Turks vs Kurds

February 16, 2010



I was thinking about MEDINE MEMI, who was murdered (buried alive and found with her HANDS TIED BEHIND HER BACK) by her father and grandfather and how theTurks want the West to know it’s the Kurds who are doing it.

What the Turks don’t seem to realize is the Kurds are doing it because the Turks are allowing it.

The entire Arab world is complicit because no one is speaking out or demanding these savages stop committing savage murders and sanctioned violence against women and girls.


No one stepping forward = no one finds anything wrong with it = it will never stop.

The Kurds aren’t going to stop themselves.

Medine Memi’s full autopsy results have to be released. The world needs to know whether she was genitally mutilated or raped or had previous given birth or was pregnant or all of the above.

[removed – can’t find the stats]

Turks need to do the right thing and make clear it is not ok and make sure the father and the grandfather go to prison forever. They need to pressure the community to stop the killings and the violence against women and the selling of little girls to pedophiles. And girls must be allowed to be educated.

Then maybe the West can believe them.

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