Videographers of Neda’s murder win journalism award

February 16, 2010



The person(s) responsible for taking and uploading the video of Neda Agha Soltan (pictured below) being murdered has won the George Polk Award for Videography for 2009.

Neda 2009 (UK) “Times Person of the Year”.

George Polk was a CBS reporter who was killed in 1948 while covering the civil war in Greece.

John Darnton, curator of the George Polk Awards.

This video footage was seen by millions and became an iconic image of the Iranian resistance. We don’t know who took it or who uploaded it, but we know it has news value.

This award celebrates the fact that, in today’s world, a brave bystander with a cellphone camera can use video-sharing and social networking sites to deliver news.

Not sure why they don’t know who filmed it…unless they don’t want to name names.

Native born Iranian, Dr Arash Hejazi was standing next to Neda when she was shot – he and his friends had just emerged from an alley. He didn’t know her. He heard the shot and immediately went to her aid. In the video – he is on Neda’s left (white shirt) trying to staunch the bleeding from her chest. The man on her right is Hamid Panahi, her music teacher, who had been accompanying her that day.

You can see Hr Hejazi look right at the cellphone to make sure his friend was capturing it on video, who was then somehow able to upload it to YouTube. Dr Hejazi left Iran and went back to England where he had been living. Haunted by Neda’s eyes, even knowing what would be done to him and his family, he came forward and gave a video account of what happened. Dr Hejazi was implicated in the protests, his elderly parents were hassled, he doesn’t have access to his publishing company in Tehran and returning would mean immediate arrest. So he remains in exile in England with little means.

Hamid Panahi was forced to change his story. Neda’s fiance Caspian Makan was imprisoned for 65 days but refused to change his story and when released on bail, he fled the country. Neda’s parents were refused a proper burial for Neda and were beaten and arrested when they visited Neda’s grave, which had been defaced. They remained defiant and refused a monthly stipend from the “martyr foundation”.

If you haven’t seen it or know the story of really happened see HERE for video/text.

GRAPHIC FOOTAGE of Nega’s murder

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Courtesy UK Guardian

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