Rep Deal’s opponent thinks BC issue: “childish”

February 20, 2010

Birth certificate posts

If you had any doubt that FOX has been corrupted, it’s perfectly clear now. They are attacking the birthers and the truthers. Thing is too many people actually understand what is going on now for it to go away with the usual they’re all crazy. Too many people know that digital image is not a birth certificate and that it is not a certified copy of anything. The full back page must be visible with the entire stamp and signature in situ for it to be even be considered certified. And too many people know Dr Fukino has never even referenced that COLB and that the registrar, Alvin T Onaka, said he couldn’t say for sure what it was.

Janice Okubo spoke for them and her word choice was revealing.

From Politifact:

When we looked at that image you guys sent us, our registrar, he thought he could see pieces of the embossed image through it.

I don’t know that it’s possible for us to even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site represents.

She correctly referred to it as an image and “beyond a doubt” leaves no doubt that that June 6, 2007 COLB was not issued by Onaka – whose alleged signature stamp is on it.

The Politifact post was published on July 27th, 2008 and Dr Fukino’s released her first statement on October 31, 2008. One would think if the COLB was actually kosher, her second statement, released on July 27, 2009, would have mentioned the COLB since Onaka saw both.

The only thing clearer would be his admission in response to a direct question during a deposition or on the stand. Not sure why Taitz and Berg never mentioned it in their filings.


AP went after Rep Nathan Deal (R-GA), who is presently running for governor, for asking barry in the form a letter to release his birth certificate. Deal sent it in early December and he received confirmation the WH received it but no answer. During a video interview on February 6th, Deal revealed publicly for the first time that he had sent the letter and that he had not recieved and answer.

AP: (unattributed)

A couple of widely debunked conspiracy theories are getting mainstream attention in two of the country’s gubernatorial race.


Republican Debra Medina, a candidate for governor in Texas, has said she has questions about whether the U.S. government was involved in the Sept. 11 attacks — echoing the members of the so-called 9/11 “Truther” movement, which rejects the accepted fact that Al Qaeda terrorists acted alone.


And in Georgia, Rep. Nathan Deal, a Republican candidate for governor, has sent a letter to the White House asking President Obama to release his birth certificate –– a request that is at the heart of the “birther” movement, which questions whether the president was born in Hawaii.

Again they get it wrong. The primary reason folks want to see the actual birth certificate is to prove that that COLB is a fraud. The rest will take care of itself. He could very well have been born in Hawaii and he could very well have completely legitimate documents proving that and is refusing to release it because it would prove his entire story a fraud. Either way he’s finished. No matter who was involved, he was elected because of that COLB.

Don’t think he meant to say this:

But Medina and Deal insist they are not part of those movements, which have drawn derision and scorn for focusing on conspiracy theories that lack evidence or have been proven false.

The evidence is lacking, which is the point. Lacking in that he hasn’t provided it – not that it doesn’t exist or can’t be found.

Here he flat out lies. He mentions the letter but not that it was received by the WH and never responded to except for barry’s arrogant remark at the Prayer Breakfast.

In Georgia, Deal, who sent his letter in December, says he is not questioning Obama’s legitimacy, but he believes the president would like a chance to put the issue to rest — even though the Hawaiian government confirmed during the 2008 campaign that a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, which his campaign posted on his Web site, was authentic.

This is why people are angry and why they will never stop until barry is forced to release his actual birth certificate – the press continues to lie.

For the folks new to the issue:

1-That alleged COLB is not a copy of a birth certificate.

2-He has never released a birth certificate.

3-What was posted is a digital image of an alleged CertifiCATION of Live Birth, which just means proof of birth exists.

4-Dr Fukino changed her initial statement from “birth certificate” to “vital records”.

5-She never mentioned that COLB.

6-The registrar who stamps COLBs for a living couldn’t say what that image is.

7-The two are not connected in any way.

8-That’s the problem and that’s why it is a legitimate request.

9-And as long as the gold standard exists, it cannot be called a conspiracy.

Rep Deal’s GOP opponent, State Rep Austin Scott, thinks the issue of the birth certificate is “childish” and that being a “gentleman” is more important than ensuring the Constitutional requirements to hold the Office of the Presidency were met:

The ability to work with the president … is hindered when you have people who are running for governor that are calling for childish things like the president to show his birth certificate. I promise you I’ll always be a gentleman when working with the federal government.

It’s clear Deal doesn’t think that COLB is legitimate:
I have simply asked the president, tell me where I can refer these constituent inquiries to a source that you think is credible so that we can answer their questions. I think that’s a reasonable proposition and certainly something that I think the president should respond to. Although at this point he has not.

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