Wiki: “Barack initially followed his Muslim father’s religion”

February 20, 2010


Birth certificate posts

I’ve seen a lot of barry wiki versions but this is the first time I’ve seen this. Don’t know when it was originally posted or how it got past barry people. Note the “Queen’s Hospital”.

Neither the present version nor the INEX cached version include this. See the three different versions of his birthplace.

Great Dreams – wiki

Barack initially followed his Muslim father’s religion, but later converted to Christianity.

I’ve got more conflicting statements from his sister, his granny Sarah and barry Sr’s wife in the drafts. They all said the family was Muslim and barry admitted he did study the Koran in school.

For the record: I don’t care who/what he is. A single “he” doesn’t exist. He is whatever/whoever he chooses to be and/or the situation requires. Except when it comes to etiquette. Kings don’t need etiquette and Social Secretary Desiree Rogers doesn’t have a clue either.

How could the person ultimately responsible for the First Lady find it acceptable to invite herself to a limited-seat, heavily-protocoled State Dinner, arrive as a guest and spend the evening as a guest, without the awareness or concern that guests of the First Lady, President, White House and America People were not being greeted or welcomed by the First Lady’s representatives?

How is Rogers still employed?

Her decision to eliminate the position is what led to the crashers getting in. And someone needs to teach etiquette and protocol to the entire WH including barry.

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