US Airline Pilots Association re: Capt Sully retirement

March 3, 2010

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Capt Sullenberger, Doreen Welsh retiring
Capt Sullenberger re: retirement

The US Airline Pilots Association (USAPA), which represents US Airways pilots, comments on Capt Sullenberger’s retirement.

President of USAPA, MIKE CLEARY statement:

Sully has always been a pilot’s pilot and a fine example of a professional aviator. He has also done a remarkable job of focusing the American public’s attention on the need for well-trained and experienced pilots at the controls of commercial aircraft.

Sully’s final flight reminds us all that another veteran pilot is leaving the skies – and an experienced, well-trained pilot is the single most important component of safety on any aircraft. Congress, airline companies and the flying public should demand that the next generation of expert aviators have incentives to do the hard work to take the place of Sully and the many others nearing retirement age – and not to further tarnish this once-proud profession.

It was the investments made in years past that helped attract the Captain Sullenbergers to the airline pilot profession. We must now find the will to once again invest in our pilot employees to encourage the best and brightest to enter and remain in our profession. When things go wrong, we want a Captain Sullenberger in the cockpit.

Sully’s fellow pilots will miss him, and we wish him godspeed during his well-deserved retirement.

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