Susan Boyle intruder charged

Hi Maybelle – just found these that weren’t posted. A common occurrence lately.

March 12, 2o10

Susan Boyle posts

According to STV, the intruder who Ms Boyle happened upon in her home back in January has been identified (16 y/o boy) and charged with alleged theft. No idea of what.

The day following the break-in, she said on video that she wouldn’t be forced out but has since agreed to move to London.

Update: 3-15

STV is now reporting that since the intruder was “charged with breaking into her home and stealing cash” Ms Boyle is having second thoughts about leaving her home.

One wonders why they haven’t gotten a male caretaker to live there 24/7 and a female companion to accompany her wherever she goes.

From one of those “inside sources” (who aren’t very often accurate):

Susan was being encouraged to move to London, but her heart is in Scotland. [She would be able to] go back as often as she likes safe in the knowledge that the intruder has been caught.

There’s only one potential intruder in all of Scotland?

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