(3-18) DADT: Maddow – Maj Almy (video)

March 19, 2010

DADT posts
Lt Choi arrested outside WH


Second round of Senate hearings re: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. First round testimony can be found following the link above.

USAF Major Mike Almy, discharged because of DADT, was on Rachel Maddow to give an update and discuss today’s hearing. He didn’t tell and nobody asked – a 3rd party went through his emails. He was subsequently discharged – at the height of the Iraq insurgency (2006) – leaving a less-experienced person in charge. Begging the question: how could his presence be “inconsistent with good order, discipline and morale” when no one knew?

He was the third service member to come out on Maddow’s show (the three I know about) and tell his story. First Lt Choi and then Lt Col Fehrenbach.

Maj Almy’s initial appearance (video/text)
Maj Almy’s story in his own words (Maddow Blog)
Maj Almy on NPR (Feb 2)

Here’s tonite’s video which includes retired former Supreme NATO Commander USMC Gen John Sheehan (pictured below) making the most bizarre accusation. He actually blamed gays in the Dutch Army for the “largest massacre in Europe since World War II” aka the execution of 8K Muslims by Serbs in Srebrenica, Bosnia in 1995.

Senator Roland Burris of the Senate Armed Services Committee is the questioner.

See CNN for full story.

Retired Gen. John Sheehan addressed a Senate panel hearing on gays in the military Thursday.

I’ll add the text when it becomes available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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