Maddow’s Orly Taitz “campaign ad” (video)

March 18, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Rachel Maddow Show

Think barry had another meeting with Rachel Maddow and the rest of the barrymedia behind closed doors?

Evidently Orly Taitz is running for California secretary of state. And to help get Taitz elected, Ms Maddow put together an Orly the Birther campaign ad. It was supposed to be ha-ha but it’s the exact thing that pisses off her fans. Now all Taitz has to do is put this video up on her site or use snippets of it in her own ads.

As expected, Maddow still doesn’t get what a “birther” is, still doesn’t know the difference between a COLB and a birth certificate and is still making it about race.

No sense going into it yet again. Here’s a few quotes. I’ll add the transcript once it’s made available.

See link above for previous Maddow comments.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Queen of the Birthers…filed lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit alleging that President Obama is secretly foreign – that he is secretly not really president. That his actual birth certificate – that you see here – isn’t really his [affected] actual actual birth certificate.

She’s had three previous lawsuits dismissed.

Maddow channels Olbermann:

She’s the most purely distilled essence of undeterrable birther fanaticism that we have in this country.

Birthers = racists:

So it’s just like birtherism except that its-its-its-its-its-its a different black man this time.

The best laugh:

Rachel Maddow of course does not endorse candidates and is affiliated with no politician or party.


Regardless of the evidence (showed that digital image)

Some people don’t know the meaning of the word stop or of the word paranoid or of the word cuckoo.

That person is Orly Taitz!

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