Hawaii considering “vexatious requester” anti-birther bill

Updated: bill deferred, bill passes

Sorry Jacqui. I thought I had posted this. I’ve had trouble seeing so I haven’t posted much and am finding that posts I thought were posted either were not or have disappeared. Here’s the update – bill deferred by Senate.

March 17, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Instead of just having barry produce his birth certificate or “vital records” Hawaii is attempting to pass an anti-birther bill.  The NY Times found it worthy of mention when they haven’t ever bothered to ask themselves for the birth certificate or if they have they have never made it public.

AP starts their article with:

Birthers beware: Hawaii may start ignoring your repeated requests for proof that President Barack Obama was born here.

They are intentionally mischaracterizing the issue. “Birtherism” is not limited to birthplace. They are trying to bypass the issue of his ineligibility even if he was born in Hawaii – if that’s the “here” they are referrring to.

So-called ”birthers” claim Obama is ineligible to be president because, they argue, he was actually born outside the United States, and therefore doesn’t meet a constitutional requirement for being president.

Again, the AP is either completely ignorant – still – or they are passing off more lies to protect barry…and themselves. Should the truth finally be discovered, AP’s reputation as well as all the other media outlets will be pure trash – officially. Anyone who watched the primaries and general election campaigns already know they’re worthless pro-obama propaganda machines.

This is plain laughable.

Hawaii Health Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino issued statements last year and in October 2008 saying that she’s seen vital records that prove Obama is a natural-born American citizen.

A non-lawyer health official defining something the Supreme Court has never stipulated?

Another mischaracterization:

Both Fukino and the state registrar of vital statistics have verified that the Health Department holds Obama’s original birth certificate.

Dr Fukino’s first statement said “original birth certificate”. The second said “original vital recordS“. She changed it for a reason. There is no need for a plural for a legitimate original birth certificate for a birth that allegedly took place on Hawaii soil. The plural (unless she made a grammitacal error) indicates that something was amended or changed or added or whatever.

In between statements she was repeatedly asked about that COLB digital image and she never connected what she vouched for with it. To this day, Hawaii officials have said nothing about that COLB. Most notably, the registrar whose name is allegedly on it. He looked at it and said he couldn’t say for sure what it was.

What more is needed?

By law, there should be no problem with authenticating that COLB. barry placed it online – the most public place on the planet – to show proof of his birth. He provided a number that could easily be checked and the index information released. It hasn’t been despite folks’ requests. Why?

Note that the article doesn’t mention that COLB or call it barry’s birth certificate.

And how exactly is the Dept of Health being overwhelmed?

10-20 emails a week.

How is that considered a nuisance?

Nuisance is 10-20 emails an hour.

The Hawaii House Judiciary Committee has already held a hearing and a vote will be scheduled. Hawaii SB2937. If passed, the measure would restrict requests to one per citizen requester. If someone violates the one answer rule, the Hawaii Office of Information Practices could declare an individual a ”vexatious requester” and then restrict their right to access government records for two years.

In 2 years, Mr Transparency, who is fighting every request for his personal information, will be out of office.

And where in the *FOIA does it limit a citizen to only one request?

All they would have to do is respond to the requester with the appropriate answer (which is the real problem – their attempt to bypass the rules) and the next time the requester asks send an email respond with “your question was already answered” and that their email will be processed as spam. Done.

But what they are looking for is a legal way around answering requests and limiting anyone from actually guessing the correct question to ask.

I hope they are foolish enough to pass a bill. Once it’s on the books and someone gets cut off, they can challenge the law as discriminatory. The FOIA was designed so that truth could be obtained by regular citizens, including birthers. And in order for the “birthers” requests to be proven frivolous, Hawaii will have to provide proof their request is unfounded.

But the obvious question is why hasn’t the Dept of Health or anyone in that hearing asked why barry doesn’t release it and be done with it?

Why haven’t they wondered why barry won’t release it, why the papers his birth notices appeared in can’t locate the originals and why no hospital has claimed their alleged native sun as being born there?

If everything is legit, including that bogus COLB, then there would be no problem because Dr Fukino has already been authorized by barry to say what she did. If he didn’t give her permission, then there must be a reason she was able to make a public statement. And whatever that reason was should include the general public.

And how much time and money is being spent on considering this bill?

A bill that could be made moot if barry just paid his $10. A bill that is completely unnecessary had barry actually been a man of integrity and transparency. As is, he is at the very least a liar.

*In Hawai the Freedom of Information Act is the Uniform Information Practices Act.

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