Vexatious birther bill deferred; HI Sovereignty bill passed

updatedbill passes in House

March 18, 2010

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Hey Jacqui,

Here’s the update on the vexatious bill. Hawaii SB2937.

It passed in the Senate but the House deferred it on March 16, 2010.

The effective date would have been January 2050.

What it proves is the Hawaii Dept of Health has something to hide and was hoping to pull a fast one. Anyone in their right mind would have asked barry to produce it rather than introduce legislation to attempt to stop folks from accessing records subject to the FOIA.


What’s more interesting about Hawaii is their desire to become a sovereignty.

S. 1011: Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2009

Sen Daniel Akaka, (D-HI) has been working on the bill for over a decade. It’s referred to as the Akaka Bill and it passed in the House on Feb 23rd (254-164).  March 11th it was “placed on the Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders” and folks are optimistic it will pass, even though it hasn’t the last 2 times.

The bill would give Native Hawaiians the right to control their own lands, run their own health and education programs, and have a sovereign government similar to what Native American/Alaskan tribes have with the major differences – no casinos, no reservations.

barry has reassured folks he will sign the bill even though as a senator he did nothing about it. Surprise.

GIBBS: [He] looks forward to signing the bill into law and establishing a government-to-government relationship with Native Hawaiians.

A good reason perhaps for the Hawaii Dept of Health – who makes the determination of native Hawaiian status – to cover for barry?

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