Maher: “Pelosi, finally someone in the Dem Party with balls”

March 31, 2010

Disgusting Bill Maher on Jay Leno.

Jay sets up all of Maher’s “jokes” starting with healthcare.

MAHER: Dems win. Nancy Pelosi finally someone in the Democratic Party with balls.

I thank the teabaggers – they’re the ones who got it passed….screaming about his birth certificate and America saw that and said: ‘What loons, we’re going with the calm black man’.

Who according to Maher is a eunuch.

Seems a woman can’t be strong and powerful and capable of closing a deal unless she has “balls” or a “steel nutcracker”. His word choice reflects his own castration anxiety and gyne envy.

barry’s “calm” = no conviction = decisions guided by political expedience = “changing positions” = campaign lies = the one and only constant.

If it were up to America to pass it – it wouldn’t have passed. 54% of Americans opposed the healthcare bill and 54% of Americans want it repealed – 25% of whom are Democrats.

And not all “teabaggers” are “birthers” and not all birthers are teabaggers.

On to a woman whose fecundity frightens him.

Sarah Palin screaming about death panels?

You know what Sarah?

If we were killing off useless people, you’d be the first to know.

Real funny to say about a mother of five and caretaker of a special soul.

Imagine uttering the words “killing off” in conjunction with Michelle Obama or even barry.

Repealing the HC bill.


What a pussified way [smiles] to fight any battle.

The economy.


This economy is like a girl with low self-esteem…it’s ok now, but one person tells her she’s ugly and the Dow drops a thousand points.

Where’s the humor?

Makes no sense other than a girl with low self-esteem is one of his go-tos. He never jokes about a short boy with low self-esteem because of his big ears and big nose.

Next up John Edwards.

I read the Rielle Hunter interview…we thought she was just some one-night stand – some roadkill.

This guy, John Edwards, was obviously so in live with this woman. There’s a videotape that they made – a sex tape of him having oral sex with her while she is 6 months pregnant…because everyone loves to see a politician kiss a baby.

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