Beck re: FLOTUS’ Kenya comment (video)

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Hey Jacqui.

Glenn Beck from central casting goes after FLOTUS’ comments about barry’s home country being Kenya.

His first tantrum: HIV/AIDS – homophobia comment. He totally misses the mark because he has no idea who she was speaking to.

Second tantrum: Kenya being barry’s home country. Again misses the mark because of the assumption of who her audience was.

Brings up poll numbers to prove the majority of Americans believe barry was born in the US (hard to believe the numbers he quoted) and ignores the crux of the issue: Why should it be a question at all.

Discusses why the tape was just now surfacing – concluded it’s because they want to paint folks as crazy – all the while acting crazy himself.

When he finds out it was June 2008 – when the issue was just being raised in earnest and that worthless COLB was posted he paused and then caught himself.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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