Dear barrymedia: You are responsible for the anger

April 14, 2010


When are you going to realize you are the folks who started the anger in the country when you refused to vet barry?

When you attacked every single one of his opponents and left him alone.

When you refused to investigate John Edwards even though the story was out there before he entered a single primary.

When you ignored presidential candidate Governor Bill Richardson’s own pay-to-play scams and trashed Governor Rod Blagojevich who you didn’t even know and still don’t know.

When you refused to investigate barry, his campaign, Harry Reid and Dick Durbin’s involvement in barry’s senate seat appointment.

When you refused to cover Tony Rezko’s trial and completely ignored the fact that barry was named in the indictment.

When you said Hillary Clinton wasn’t qualified to become president because of her lack of understanding of foreign policy and lack of experience when she is now doing a job barry couldn’t even apply for.

When you daily told Hillary Clinton to get out of the race and attacked her as a person, as a politician, as a woman and as a mother.

When you continued to malign Hillary Clinton even as she campaigned for barry the wimp when he went on vacation.

When you ranted about the Bradley Effect that does not exist.

When you hid damaging information about barry (and continue to do so).

When you attacked every barry naysayer and labeled them racists.

When you didn’t call barry on his lie that “Kill him” was shouted when his very own Secret Service said it never happened.

When you never investigated your fellow alleged reporter, David Singleton, who made the bogus claim.

When you allowed Rep John Lewis to trash a man who fought for this country and survived 5 years as a POW.

When you pretended barry and Tim Geitner knew nothing about the AIG bonuses. Why didn’t you know?

When you let slide every lie and flipflop barry has made.

When you trashed Lou Dobbs.

And now when you continue your evil ranting about everything not beneficial to barry – even when it is true.

When you fawn like 11 y/o girls over a grown man you know nothing about.

When you trash the birthers.

When you trash the teabaggers.

When you trash Republicans.

When you refuse to ask real questions and press until they are answered.

When you refuse to ask for his birth certificate and continue to lie that he has posted it online.

When you refuse to name David Axelrod a lobbyist.

When you act like barry is the first president compared to AH.

When you continue to say barry is a great orator when the words are not his own (not even in his books) and he needs a teleprompter to deliver any type of remarks – even to his own staff – and takes 17 minutes to respond to a question that never gets answered.

When you refused to hold barry accountable for his sexist and disgusting remarks about Hillary Clinton or his “joke” about the Special Olympics.

Can you name one thing barry has apologized for? Ever?

Can you name one thing you have forced him to apologize for like you do all the other nonbarry politicians?

How long are you going to keep up the barrypropaganda?

You rant and rage about Bush and Cheney and Iraq and never once mention that had YOU done YOUR job then – there most likely would not have been an Iraq.

What will be the consequences — above and beyond the anger of The American People — of your refusal to vet the President of the United States?

Whatever they will be, will be entirely your fault. Absolutely 100% your fault.

You talk about inciting violence?

You’ve been doing it ever since barry announced his intention to run for an office he himslef had said he was not qualified for.

As for you second favorite target (behind Hillary Clinton), why the persistent fascination with Sarah Palin?

The reason folks like her is because of the way you trashed her and her family to help barry get elected. And they like the way she speaks without political correctness – they’re tired of your barryparsing.

What have you talked about more: Bristol Palin having a baby or Track Palin serving our country?

What does that say about you and your possible worth as a professional talking head?

Your mantra is Sarah Palin is a loser and unqualified to do anything, including being a mother, and in the next breath you call her a quitter for leaving Alaskans “high and dry”.

Can’t have both.

If she is not capable of doing anything – then Alaskans should be better off without her.

Kind of sums up your mesmerized idiocy.

Why don’t you just admit you have never gotten over the fact more people turned in to see her speak at the Convention than did to hear your messiah?

The populist anger is being fueled by you. It’s undeniable. I just haven’t figured out if you are doing it intentionally. If so, any and every outbreak of violence will have your blessing.

You ask what folks mean by getting their country back?

It means a free press – not state run media.

It means a goverment that is held accountable by the media.

It means a media that actual investigates and tells the truth as it actually exists.

Honest, non-biased reporting based on fact (not biased “factcheckers”) died when Walter Cronkite retired. All that is left is tabloid “journalism” based on unnamed sources.

Is covering for a president you know nothing about who hasn’t a clue how to govern or even conduct himself on the world stage what you dreamt about doing when you grew up?

If so, you are wildly successful.

Don’t blame anyone else when you lose your job – you have proven yourselves incapable of it.

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