Orly Taitz banned from Tea Party rally


April 14, 2010

Birth certificate posts

ORLY TAITZ, who’s running for CA Secy of State, was initially scheduled to speak at a Tax Day Tea Party rally in Pleasanton, CA, but had the invitiation rescinded at the request of Republican candidates expected to appear – CA Senate candidates Carly Fiorino and Chuck Devore among them.

All they need is a video like McCain made ridiculing “birther” JD Hayworth, which starred Taitz’s ranting on MSNBC.

Pleasanton Tea Party founder BRIDGET MELSON:

We’ve been getting calls like crazy. It’s not worth it. She’s too controversial. This is not what the Tea Party is about at this point.

At this point?


I can say emphatically that the Chuck DeVore campaign and Chuck DeVore himself strongly disapproves of Orly Taitz and the crazy theories she continues to advance.


President Obama is absolutely eligible for the presidency and is a natural-born United States citizen.

Wow. Soderlund holds the key to the mystery. If she has the proof, someone should demand it of her and then she and Dr Fukino should apply for the Supreme Court vacancy.

Speaker NANCY PELOSI’s potential opponent JOHN DENNIS:

The presence of a discredited publicity seeker on the same platform with patriotic Americans distorts the focus of our movement, distracts from our common message and gives ammunition to those who continue to question our legitimacy.


Taitz’s invitation — and uninvitation — are examples of the complications facing Republicans this year as they try to capture the enthusiasm of the tea party movement without getting sucked into its conspiracy-tinged fringes.

Taitz is best known for her crusade to prove Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii, a falsehood that sprang to life during the 2008 presidential campaign and that most voters and mainstream Republicans reject.

LA Times were the folks who posted that worthless one-sided digital image of an alleged COLB and called it a certified copy of barry’s birth certificate. And the issue sprung to life the minute KOS posted it on his site.

It was the COLB itself that made people begin to wonder and it’s the COLB that continues to make people wonder – even ones who believe he was born in Hawaii.

Can’t grasp why folks haven’t just gone after that COLB and completely ignored his actual birth certificate. All that’s needed is proof — acceptable to the non-birthers — that it’s a fake.

Birthers already know it’s worthless. They already know Hawaii tried to legitimize it (changing the COLB/long form BC designation for DHHL) without having to admit it never came from them. And they already know the man in charge of COLBs – the man whose name is allegedly on that COLB – admitted he didn’t know what barry’s COLB represented.

CA Dem Party Chairman JOHN BURTON:

If that’s the base of the Republican Party, the Republicans are in very serious trouble.

CA Rep Party vice chair TOM DEL BECCARO is not sure where barry was born:

I certainly don’t have enough information to decide that. I’ve never seen yay or nay either way, so how could I know?

Bingo. There is not one person who can/has publicly named where barry was born – not even the man who speaks for barry – and until someone does, no one can say where barry was not born.

Consultant JASON ROE quoted San Ramon Mayor ABRAM WILSON (state Assembly hopeful) as saying:

Given the things going on in our state right now, the last thing I am thinking about is where Barack Obama was born.

And that’s exactly what folks are hoping for and what barrypeople and barrymedia have been counting on.

TAITZ (don’t know if she showed up anyway):

Look, the truth is the truth. It is important for the public to know. Just like it took some time but Watergate was investigated and there was resolution. By the same token, Obama needs to be investigated.

Yes, he needs to be investigated – should have been investigated – but she shouldn’t be talking about “the truth”.

Until his original birth certificate is revealed, the truth of what is on it will remain a mystery, as will his actual physical birthplace.

The greater truth – who barry is, who picked him, and why he was allowed to become president may never be known. The government isn’t going to volunteer it and the media isn’t asking.

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