Champaign board member: Schweighart should resign

April 17, 2010

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Champaign County board member AL KURTZ was mind-boggled at Mayor Schweighart’s remarks. So much so, he wants to explore the possibilty of Schweighart’s resignation through a resolution.

Ever notice free speech doesn’t apply when it comes to barry?

News Gazette‘s PATRICK WADE [emphasis added]

KURTZ, before speaking to the Mayor personally:

I think his willful ignorance of the facts and his bias against the president of the United States makes him unable to run the city of Champaign.

Schweighart’s in his third term and has probably had those thoughts for a year while he’s been running the city.


He now has polarized the city of Champaign and this county because of these rash statements that have no basis in fact.

It’s just unbelievable to me. It boggles the mind that our mayor would think this way.

Willful ignorance of the facts? Bias?

What are the chances Kurtz understands what’s at issue?

And where’s Kurtz been hiding that he’s not aware the country was polarized before the Mayor spoke?


I was asked my opinion, I gave my opinion, I could have lied about my opinion.

As for Kurtz’s call for his resignation:

That’s his opinion. He’s got a right to state his opinion, and I’ve got a right to state mine.

I may be mayor, but I’m still a citizen.

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