Mayor Schweighart clarifies statements

April 17, 2010

Birth certificate posts
Schweighart: “I don’t think he’s American” (video)
Champaign board member: Schweighart should resign

When asked at the Champaign Tax Day Tea Party what he thought of barry, Mayor Jerry Schweigart responded he didn’t think barry was an American.

Schweigart’s logic as a 32-year veteran of the Champaign PD: if barry doesn’t have anything to hide, why hasn’t he showed it?

The same logic of a 5 y/o that seems to get past the anti-birthers, including the MSM.

The following day, when the AP contacted Schweigart for a clarification, he stood by his statements. He also said he only questions barry’s birthplace – not his present citizenship.


Oh sure. My stand, and I don’t understand why everybody is so upset, is he’s never shown the original birth certificate.

Not surprisingly, AP didn’t include his exact quotes.

Schweighart clarified one of his YouTube statements, in which he said he questioned Obama’s status as an American.

Schweighart said he does not question Obama’s current citizenship, but whether or not he was born in the country is up for debate.

Obama “can clear that up very easily” if he makes public his school or birth records, Schweighart said.

This is a curious comment.

Illinois Democratic Party spokesman STEVE BROWN:

Most rational people have discarded that question years ago.

Where’s the definitive statement that barry was born in Hawaii?

And what does he mean by “years ago”?

barry posted the COLB image in June 2008 (right after Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign), which was 22 months ago. Dr Fukino didn’t come out with her first statement until October 31, 2008 (weekend before election) – 17 months ago. Neither are “years ago”.

What are the odds Steve Brown even understands the eligibility issue?

Here the AP shows their evolving understanding of the issue with careful parsing:

The mayor was echoing complaints made by some tea party activists and so-called birthers who doubt the president is qualified to hold his office. Though state officials in Hawaii say vital records there confirm Obama was born there, birthers say the president has never proven his citizenship.

“Qualified” not eligible. Nothing about natural born citizen. They bypass that COLB and go right to Hawaii. They don’t say “birth certificate” – they correctly say “vital records”. And it is true that barry himself has not proven his citizenship.

What they cleverly leave out is a connection between the two statements. That even if barry was born in Hawaii, he could still be ineligible to hold the office of the presidency.

CBS 2 is still in the dark:

His statements echo doubts raised by the so-called “birther” movement that has long claimed Obama was born in Kenya and is not eligible to serve as President of the United States.

But last year, Hawaii’s health director sought to quash those rumors by saying she has personally seen Obama’s birth certificate in the Health Department’s archives. Also, during his run for the White House, Obama’s campaign posted a copy of the birth certificate on a website specifically designed to debunk a number of false rumors about him.

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