AZ birther bill passes second hurdle

April 20, 2010


Birth certificate posts

On Feb 22, the AZ birther bill (HB 2441) introduced by Rep Judy Burges and co-sponsored by 39 other Republicans, passed in the House Government Committee by a vote of 6-1.

I thought that was going to be it. Rep Posey’s bill was introduced last March and nothing has happened.

But yesterday, the House voted 31-22 to add the provision to a separate bill. The measure still faces a formal vote.

Can’t find the updated bill summary to see the vote breakdown.

And the funny part?

barrypeople are angry.

Why the anger if – as they claim – barry released his birth certificate?

And if – as they are certain – barry is a natural-born citizen?

It’s not retroactive. It has nothing to do with barry unless he runs for re-election. And since everything’s kosher, why the anger?

President/VP candidates in every political party in every state have to meet the same constitutional requirements and the secretaries of State are the ones responsible for putting the names on the ballots.

As been proven in barry eligibility law suits thus far, the secretaries of State are not the ones responsible for double checking the political party’s official certification of nomination and/or what the candidates themselves attest to. This law would do just that.

If passed, the candidate would have to provide a personal affidavit that they meet the constitutional requirements, the Party chair would have to supply actual documents – at the very least the original birth certificate – which the Arizona SoS would be required to inspect. And upon review of the affidavit and other documents submitted, if the Secretary has “reasonable cause” to believe the candidate does not meet the citizenship, age, and residency requirements, the SoS “shall not” place that candidate’s name on the ballot.

This simple bill would obviate the need for a Senate hearing, like they had for McCain, to determine if a candidate meets the Constitutional requirements. And it would be legally binding, unlike the House Resolution passed declaring barry was born in Hawaii.

So what is the problem?


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