American Idol: FLOTUS, POTUS, Capt Sullenberger

April 21, 2010

Hey RedBaron.

Yes, that was Capt Sullenberger on American Idol last night. It didn’t look like he was accompanied by family. Why was he there? No idea. He looked a lot less stressed than he did the day he retired.

Updated: Now that I watched the tape – Capt Sully was there to make a plea for donations. Here’s what he said:

Hi. I’m Captain Sully Sullenberger, and last year when the engines failed on the passenger jet I was flying, I had to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River. 155 lives were saved. Tonight, you can help save thousands of lives just by picking up the phone…Do it now and make a difference. Thank you.

POTUS & FLOTUS opened the show…the ubiquitous presidential seal on the screen behind Ryan Seacrest.

I know you don’t come here for politics but one cannot watch anything anymore without seeing our Dear Leader! Problem is folks don’t see through his deceit.

POTUS: And to this year’s finalists, as Randy says, ‘You’re all my dawgs!’

FLOTUS: And Simon, be nice!

Is someone ever going to work with FLOTUS and her body language?

She’s humped over like a tight end. It’s nothing personal. Watch the clip. She looks bigger than barry.

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