barryfan comment re: Az birther bill

April 22, 2010

Birth certificate posts
Az birther bill

Been a while since we got one of these comments from barry supporters.

This commenter happily calls folks racists and then proceeds to use the fully spelled out N-word (which I censored).

And he’s no random ranting idiot. From his word choice, grammar and punctuation it’s clear he’s well-educated.

From “Hey You!”

All you Arizona Birthers are just racists going by another name. You’re so desperate to call Obama a n^gger that you can’t stand it. You hate the fact that a black was elected United States President and you’ll do anything you think you can to try and discredit him. Your arguments are nothing but a bag of lies and bullshit. Your phony patriotism is sickening. Why not cut the crap and just put the sheet on your head? Either that, or just shut up and get back in your trailer parks, losers!

With this kind of supporter – barry doesn’t need enemies to discredit him.

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