Matthews: “Arizona Assembly has joined the birtherwagon and are behaving just as zanily as the birthers!”


April 21, 2010

Birth certificate posts

When Chris Matthews stopped waving around that one-sided COLB and stopped calling it a birth certificate, I thought he had finally grasped the “birther” issue. Tonight, he proved, once again, he has no clue.

Hardball “Birth of a Notion”

Guests Reps LORETTA SANCHEZ (D-CA) and BRIAN BILBRAY (R-CA) discuss the AZ immigration and AZ birther bill.

MATTHEWS’ intro not on this video clip:

I want to get to this issue of birthing or birthers because there’s part of this legislation out there – they’re basically gonna say future presidential candidates gotta have birth certificates.

Every presidential candidate knows (or should know) the Constitutional requirements to run for the Office of the Presidency.

And every presidential candidate swears at some point in the process that they meet those requirements.

In order for barry to be placed on the Arizona primary ballot, he had to sign a piece of paper attesting he was aware of the requirements and that he satisfied them.

So what’s the problem asking for actual proof?

And what’s the problem providing it?

He already swore he has it and he was allowed on the ballot because of it..

Have to give Matthews credit for not asking Bilbray if he was a birther and for not bringing up the word “racist”.

If anything is racist – it’s in barry’s favor. All the whitey president’s actual physical birthplace is known – barry’s is not.


Matthews seems to think the idea of providing proof of birth/citizenship is something new for presidential candidates and then asks if the bill is an ad hominem attack on barry.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[hand transcribed]


What do you make of the state of Arizona saying you have to have a birth certificate to get on the ballot next time? Do you think this is ad hominem…is this aimed directly at the POTUS himself, Barack Obama.

BILBRAY points out that it’s John McCain’s home state – McCain having had his own eligibility issues – and then he says:

You don’t have to be born in the United States [to be president].

MATTHEWS points out that the bill is being considered now when McCain is not running:

John McCain’s not running for president anymore – he doesn’t have to be native-born anymore – he’s an American obviously, so the question is, uh, the question is why are they aiming it at the POTUS now? Do you think it’s personal? One more try.

Requirement is natural born not native born, which is how barry referred to himself. And one can be an American and be born in the USA and still not meet the Constitutional requirements.

BILBRAY jokes about not counting McCain out. And says the bill should be universal for all elected office.

Listen to MATTHEWS’ voice change at “birth certificate”. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knows it’s not a birth certificate:

I’ll tell you this: Barack Obama has shown his uh, his uh, birth certificate to the world.

Nope. Never. No one has seen his birth certificate. One might not even exist. Dr Fukino changed her wording from “original birth certificate” to “original vital recordS”.

No one gets born more than once – not even the obamessiah –  so there’s no need for plural records if a legitimate original birth certificate exists.

MATTHEWS and the birth announcements:

He has shown documentation of his birth twice now from two different newspaper accounts, which were only written with the authorities participating in those announcements. They weren’t just somebody putting out some Christmans cards. They were announcements of somebody being born.

Precisely. Somebody. All the announcements say is “son”. And it is documentation – not proof. There is no mention of barry’s name or the actual physical location of his birthplace.


We have all the records available from anybody who comes out of Hawaii.

What Matthew’s trying to say is the digital image COLB barry put on line is all Hawaii gives out now as proof of birth, which is true.

Problem is what barry put on line has never been vouched for by Dr Fukino or the man whose name is allegedly on that COLB: official Hawaii registrar, Alvin T Onaka. In fact, when he examined that COLB via Politifact, he said he couldn’t say for sure what it was.


He has shown the records.


He posted a one-sided digital image with no legal connection to what Dr Fukino vouched for. He refused to let anyone see the actual “document”.  And he’s still fighting in court to prevent any and all records from being released. List of what’s not known about him. And yes, he can request a copy of his original birth certificate at any time.

MATTHEWS’ strongest line of reasoning:

And the birthers are crazy!

And they keep raising this crazy issue!

And now the Assembly of Arizona has joined the birtherwagon and are behaving just as zanily as the birthers!


Lawmakers who took an oath to enforce and safeguard the Constitution are behaving zanily for wanting to enact a law that enforces and safeguards the Constitution?

Want zany?

barrymedia allowing three years to pass without asking barry for a copy of his original birth certificate.

Answer to yourself:

Would Hillary Clinton have been allowed to be president without producing her birth certificate?

What about Sarah Palin?

Of course not.

And the anger?

barrymedia giving barry a pass is the major source of the anger.

barrymedia continuing to call anyone who disagrees with barry “racist” when barry is/has been getting preferential treatment is what has brought the anger to a flashpoint.

What happens next will be directly attributable to what the barrymedia has done, and failed to do.

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