AZ Birther Bill: Roland Martin “They’re stupid!” (video/text)

April 21, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Anderson Cooper plays Kitty Pilgrim and tries to debunk the birther issue but it’s clear he still doesn’t get it. He tried to lay out the “facts” in the first segment (video/text), which of course were not factual. Then he spoke with Rep Cecil Ash (R-AZ) who supported the AZ birther bill. And then he talked with Rolly Martin and John Avlon.

Nothing unexpected. Rolly – they’re stupid racists who think barry’s a “moos-lum”. He’s no more educated about the issue thean he was in July when he was attacking Lou Donns and Rep Poe.

Avlon – they’re dangerous wingnuts who should be ignored.

Cooper = clueless as ever. And his next statement will show you why birthers get so angry. Unfortunately, it’s not on this video clip but it’s in the transcript.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


COOPER: No person — no person, except a naturalized born citizen shall be eligible to the Office of President. That’s from Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution. Now, flash forward — forward to today, only 58 percent of Americans, 58 percent of Americans in a recent poll said they believe President Obama was born in America. Arizona’s House of Representatives this week passing legislation mandating a presidential candidate produce his or her birth certificate to get on the state ballot. With us now political contributor, John Avlon, author of “Wingnuts” and political analyst Roland Martin.

COOPER: Roland, let me just play devil’s advocate here. What’s wrong with the State of Arizona saying you know what, a presidential candidate should produce a birth certificate and we have the right to demand that?

1-Rolly’s erudite response and attempted deflection.

ROLAND MARTIN: Because they’re stupid! They’re stupid! Ok, these are the same people Anderson, who always talk about state’s rights. So basically what they’re saying is to the State of Hawaii, “We don’t trust you.”

And so I would turn it on this head, how would state officials in Arizona feel if another state rejected their birth certificates? See it’s not just so simple as well, just present a birth certificate.

The other thing is there’s no standard birth certificate in the United States. There are different types of birth certificates and different states in different counties. And so if I don’t have my original out of Harris County in Texas, if I get a duplicate, it might not have the raised seal on it but it might be a vital statistics of birth certificate. So this is a nonsensical issue. They are playing to the nuts on the right.

2-Completely irrelevant. The focus is barry and Hawaii – not other states. AZ is not rejecting anything. And if all is kosher, barry should be able to submit the same thing to the AZ SoS that he posted online. It’s legit and all Hawaii sends out, right? So what’s the problem?

COOPER: Is John, do you agree this is all about politics?

3-This guy is even more ignorant than Martin and is on just to plug his book. And to plug his book he has to call folks wingnuts because that’s the name of it.

JOHN AVLON, SENIOR POLITICAL WRITER, THE DAILY BEAST: Yes. It has become all about politics, it’s about — it’s feeding off a persistent fear that somehow President Obama is un-American and this becomes a symbol for that. But it really has — look — I mean, this is something that the Obama campaign put on the Web in June of 2008. The Republican Governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingual has backed.

4-I have yet to find any official comment made by Gov Lingle about that COLB…because there is none. Politifcat mentions Lingle saying something on the campaign trail but there is no direct quote. And Avlaon gets right on the latest partyline about birthers – barry un-American – when the issue is solely whether he meets the Constitutional requirements for NBC.

AVALON: This should have been done a long time ago but it’s managed to became a very persistent conspiracy theory because it is as Roland said, is feeding into a lot of people’s worst instincts and fears. It has to do with whether or not President Obama is truly American. That is —

5-Yes it should have been done before barry was anointed. Why didn’t/hasn’t anyone at the Daily Beast ask barry for a copy?

MARTIN: Right.

AVLON: — absurd stuff and yet we see it getting currency now in state capitals, these folks have got to wake up!

COOPER: And Roland, I mean, I hate to bring race into this.

6-Liar. What did Rep Ash just say?

COOPER: But do you think there is a racial component to this that he is viewed as somehow other and that contributes to this?

7-And what of course will be Rolly’s answer?

MARTIN: Well, of course. You have these people who are sitting here or saying he was born in Kenya and questioning his legitimacy. And that’s what we’re seeing.

But I want to pick apart that ridiculous state official you just had. He said quote “divided loyalty.” He basically was saying that President Barack Obama has divided loyalties. He’s not really loyal to the United States.

7-Martin doesn’t understand the issue of barry’s dual citizenship at birth and he doesn’t understand the meaning of “qualified”.

MARTIN: Then he kept talking about, to demonstrate that he is qualified. What does that mean? And as you so put it, did any of the three to four previous white guys have to demonstrate they were qualified to be president?

8-Would any of the previous 3-4 whiteys refused to show their qualifications? Would any of them been allowed to not show their qualifications?

MARTIN: These are the games they’re playing and so this simply feeds into this continuing notion that he is not legitimate. You have this guy in the Army, who is about to be dishonorably discharged in a court- martialed because he’s refusing to go to war and saying boy, he’s not a legitimate president.

9-“This guy”? The “guy’s” name is LTC Terry Lakin. And LTC Lakin is a decorated, combat-tested flight surgeon based out of the Pentagon.

MARTIN: Oh come on, this is playing to the nuts, the nuts out there who don’t want to believe anything about this president.

9-And Rolly is one of them.

AVLON: Yes. And just — you know, I’d just add to that, look, I mean, there is a birther bill in Congress that has you know, has half a dozen cosponsors.

10-Rep Posey’s bill has 11 co-sponsors and it’s not even made it out of committee.

AVLON: You know we’ve seen this stuff erupt before. It’s lost its legitimacy or it should have. But it’s persisting, it’s being bumped up by some folks who have an interest in that whether, you know, conspiracy entrepreneurs or people who are playing politics with this.

11-It’s never gone away and never will go away until he produces what Dr Fukino vouched for. And if they wanted it to go away – they would have asked for a copy themselves.

AVLON: And it began with some folks on the left. It actually, you know, the Hillary delegate in Texas is one of the people who started this up but we’ve got to remember —

MARTIN: Absolutely.

COOPER: Well, it’s amazing when you look at the poll number, I don’t know if this poll is accurate, the CBS News and New York Times poll, but only 58 percent of Americans think that he is — was born in this United States, 20 percent think he was born in another country and 23 percent don’t know or didn’t answer.

MARTIN: But Anderson, look at all the work that we’ve done to debunk the fact that he is a Muslim and you still have people running around saying, “Oh, no, he’s actually a Muslim.” So look, let’s just be honest, there are some stupid Americans, ok, who want to believe nonsense. Let’s just go ahead and say it.

12-Religion – “including moos-lum” has nothing to do with the eligibility question.

AVLON: No, I don’t think — the American people are smart. The problem is you’ve got a lot of people constantly stirring the pot, pandering to the lowest common denominator. And look, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts. And this, we’ve got to just keep hammering this home, folks, the facts are clear. This is set and established.

13-There were no facts presented. What Cooper presented as “fact” isn’t. And there is nothing set or established about anything. It’s what they want the listeners to believe. Problem is – even barryfans have had enough and want to see the BC – if only to shut up the birthers. There exists no legitimate reason for this to still be an issue and absolutely no legitimate reason why the media hasn’t forced him to release a copy.

AVLON: And you know, just because you’ve got a bunch of conspiracy entrepreneurs trying to pump up Obama derangement syndrome in people, that’s where we’ve just to say, look, this is not legitimate, this is wing nut stuff. And it’s appealing to the worst instincts of the American people. We’re better than this. We’re smarter than this.

14-Calling people who have a full understanding of the issue and a full grasp of the actual facts – conspiracist racists, deranged, wingnuts is what stokes the anger.

COOPER: And look, and it’s one thing for people who have busy lives who aren’t paying attention to news on a daily basis. Look, I get why people don’t have an opinion on it or say look, I don’t know, there’s so much information out there and floating out there. It’s one thing for people to understandably be confused about it or have a form of some opinion. But it’s another thing for legislators to actually act on it and use taxpayer time and money to focus on this kind of stuff.

15-“This kind of stuff”  = Constitutional requirements.

16-Wasting taxpayer money? It costs approx $1500/minute to fly AF 1. How many trips to Democratic fundraisers have been made in AF 1?

MARTIN: Right. And that’s why I — look, I know, John, I know we want to be nice about it, but I’m sorry, if we keep putting out fact after a fact after fact and people still don’t believe the facts, they’re stupid, John. That’s what we call them in the real world. Maybe it’s not nice or PC to call them that on television. But this is ridiculous —

AVLON: It is.

17-It is and they are. They are not putting “facts” out there becuse they don’t know them. And this is not what the bill is about.

MARTIN: — I mean, think about it, this is a state, a House of Representatives in a state saying forget another state, forget a Republican governor, forget the head of the health department, forget all of them, they’re all wrong, we want to see it ourselves. This is crazy!

18-Again, it’s all about barry when the truth is it’s McCain’s home state. And Rolly’s logic is a tad lacking. The bill says nothing about Hawaii or anything else. The bill would only go into effect for the 2012 candidates. And there’s no reason not to believe that the Az SoS wouldn’t accept what barry swears is his “birth certificate”.

AVLON: Hey, look, the state legislators in question aren’t just stupid, they’re cynical. And you know, the big problem ultimately it goes from an old quote by Jonathan Swift, “You can’t reason people out of something that they weren’t reasoned into.”

This is fright wing politics, this is about fear-based appeals designed to divide the American people and try to delegitimize a duly- elected President of the United States. That’s why we should all be offended by it.

19-This man’s willful propaganda is dangerous. He knows something’s not kosher but he’s too deep into the game to get out.

COOPER: I think a lot of people are going to be offended, Roland by you calling people stupid.

MARTIN: Well, go right ahead. But if they believe he is a Muslim and they believe he is not American, I’m sorry, Anderson, they’re stupid.

COOPER: Roland, I’ll leave it there. I’m not going to argue with you. Roland Martin

20-What is offensive is the sheer ignorance they exhibited, all the while calling people stupid racists. The issue is not whether he is an American – it’s whether he meets the Constitutional requirements for the Office of the Presidency. Requirements he and Nanci Pelosi swore he met.

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