Az birther bill: Anderson Cooper’s version of “facts”

April 23, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Anderson Cooper proved – once again – he has no clue what the “birther” issue entails – this time in reference to the AZ birther bill. He started with his version of the “facts”. Then he spoke with AZ Rep Cecil Ash (R), who voted in favor of the birther bill and finished up with Roland “They’re stupid!” Martin and John Avlon.


Transcript follows

COOPER: First up tonight, the birthers are back.

1-Birthers are not “back”. The issue has never been resolved.

COOPER: Legislators and a number of states are listening and Arizona Republicans are trying to pass laws in response. The Arizona House of Representatives this week, passing legislation to require a candidate to show a birth certificate in order to get on the presidential ballot. Five other states are considering the idea.

2-The candidates already sign an affidavit they fulfill the requirements – so what is the problem with providing it?

COOPER: Take a look. [that COLB with redacted number] This is an official copy of President Obama’s birth certificate from the State of Hawaii, a Certification of Live Birth.

3-Finally got name right.

4-Not an official copy of anything. Hawaii has never vouched for that COLB even when asked directly to coment.

COOPER: Now, the state went paperless nine years ago so the original is now an electronic form on a server somewhere.

5-Blatant lie. Dr Fukino stated she has seen the original.

COOPER: On the back of the official copy right down here is a stamp from Hawaii’s State Registrar. Doubters claim the certificate is unsigned and therefore bogus. In fact, the stamp is how they do it in Hawaii.

6-He subliminates “official copy” which it has neve been proven to be.

7-The seal is not complete.

8-The stamp and seal are not seen in situ.

9-The entire back side of the alleged COLB is not shown.

10-So, by definition, it cannot be an “official” or  a “certified copy” of anything.

11-Most importantly, the man whose name is allgedly stamped on that alleged COLB – Alvin T Onaka – looked at that COLB and said he couldn’t say what it was. If he can’t say for sure what it was – he’s saying he has no idea how his stamp got on it.

COOPER: They also claim it doesn’t have a raised seal, which as you can see, it does.

12-He doesn’t show the different versions of that COLB, including the one without a seal.

COOPER: The photos by the way are from the nonpartisan They were taken at Obama headquarters in Chicago.

13-Factcheck – the only folks to actually touch the “document” – is not non-partisan. Neither is politifact, which regrularly defers to their “dear frends” at factcheck.

14-Factcheck did not allow anyone to see their photos and what they posted were strategically incomplete.

COOPER: Yet, cruise the Web and you will find plenty of other documents like this one purporting to show Mr. Obama was actually born in Kenya, even though the birth certificate — let’s take a look at this — actually gets the name of the country wrong, it says Republic of Kenya, at the time it wasn’t called the Republic of Kenya as it says it was right there.

15-Funny how they factchecked those Kenyan BC themselves but not barry’s COLB.

COOPER: But as we mentioned a lot of people are buying this notion of a foreign president.

16-Immediately injects the present barrymedia propaganda – barry’s “foreign” – instead of focusing on the real issue which is the natural born requirement.

COOPER: Check it out, this is pretty stunning. This a New York Times/CBS News poll, showing 20 percent surveyed one in five said President Obama is Kenyan by birth, another 23 percent said they just don’t know. Only 58 percent said the President of the United States is an American.

17-Consider the source.

18-58% said they THINK he is an American. 20 + 23 + 58 = 101

COOPER: Now, granted that’s a majority, but still, can you recall any other time when a significant number of people actually had any doubt about their president.

19-Can you name a single whitey president whose actual physical birthplace is unknown?

20-And can you recall any other president so coddled by the press?

21-Would Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin have been able to assume office without producing a copy of their birth certificate?

And here’s what the Arizona Republic Editorial Board writes about the proposed birth certificate law in their state, remember this is not a national thing. But this is in this state, Secretary of State Ken Bennett who lives in the real world, not on Conspiracy Island points out that it could be unconstitutional for a state to impose its own requirements on federal office.

22-Conspiracy Island? It has not been proven to be a conspiracy and cannot be called a conspiracy until his actual birth certificate is produced and then rejected.

23-Not a national thing? If he can’t produce an original birth certificate for one state – a state in which he already swore he met the Constitutional requirements – he wouldn’t be eligible in any of the other 56 states.

The proposed legislation is worse than a foolish waste of time, the Arizona Republic says. It suggests Arizona is a place where any crackpot whim can be enshrined in law.

24-The legislation would ensure the Constitution is followed as written – what the legislators take an oath to do – so how is that a crackpot whim?

So “Keeping Them Honest” tonight and we’re going to ask whether this bill or anything like it is even constitutional. We’re also take a closer look at this 20 percent of birthers and what they believe.

25-They never ask why hasn’t he just released it and they can’t explain why they never asked for a copy.

26-They’re gonna make a case those 20% are whitey racists who think barry is a Muslim.

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