LTC Lakin formally charged


April 22, 2010

Hearing date set
Birth certificate posts

The Pentagon just made a very costly mistake. Not that barry left them any option. They formally charged LTC Terry Lakin for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan. Lakin having declared (video, letter to barry) he would not follow ANY orders until barry produced his original birth certificate.

Their move proves beyond common sense doubt that:

1-barry is hiding something.

Doesn’t matter what is written on whatever Dr Fukino vouched for.

If barry could have produced his original birth certificate (vital recordS), a Kennedy fanily member (Kathleen Kennedy Townsend perhaps) would have forced him to release it before the Massachusetts special election.

2-The Pentagon knows he is hiding something.

They had a year to answer LTC Lakin’s (Major Cook, Captain Rhodes, et al) request.

With all that’s happening in the military, why would the Pentagon allow their in-house flight surgeon to question barry’s eligibility in public?

3-If the Pentagon knows, so does the Dept of Justice, Congress, the Supreme Court and at least one member of the media.

All three branches of government are complicit, as is state-run barrymedia. And very soon barry will have complete control of the internet.

Once he has the capacity to take control of the internet in the event of X, he can take control at any time.

And thanks to the Patriot Act he campaigned against, he has the authority to do so.

Who is the actual entity running the United States?


American Patriot Foundation (Safeguard Our Constitution).

LTC Larkin was charged with 2 felonies: failure to deploy and failure to follow orders.

How many of the rapists responsible for raping 1 in 3 of their female comrades do you think have been court-martialed?

Here are screenshots. Couldn’t find a scribd copy.

UCMJ = Uniform Code of Military Justice

CHARGE 1 – Violation of the UCMJ, Article 87

“Miss the movement” = failure to deploy

CHARGE 2 Violation of the UCMJ, Article 92

Failure to obey orders- 4 instances

1 & 2

3 & 4

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