AZ birther bill: Dana Perino, Christine Pelosi

April 26, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Politico’s Arena took on the Arizona birther bill & immigration bill. The moderator was David Mark who is clearly an uniformed anti-birther.

Dana Perino
Former White House Press Secretary :

I understand that Arizonans are frustrated with the level of illegal immigration, and at the same time I can’t imagine that we’re going to allow police to stop people on the streets and demand their papers. Stronger enforcement is key, but this seems a bridge too far.

And the birther decision is a bridge even farther and should be rescinded.

Christine Pelosi
Attorney, author and Democratic activist :

If you want to know what a Republican majority would act like, check out Arizona’s birthers and tenthers in action. Extremist demands for birth certificates and immigration papers codify the demonization of Democrats, scapegoating of immigrants, and demeaning of our president as un-American.


Extremist demands?

What does she have to say about her mother’s use of two different certifications of nomination?

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