Rep Posey re: AZ birther bill

April 22, 2010

Birth certificate posts

After the Arizona birther bill passed the second hurdle, Politico’s David Mark talked with Rep Bill Posey who had introduced his own barry soetoro birther bill (HR 1503) on March 12, 2009. Although the bill has 11 co-sponsors, nothing has happened since it’s initial committee assignment.

Note that both bills are not retroactive and have nothing about barry in the language…besides, according to Gibbs and the barrymedia, barry was born in Hawaii and has posted his birth certificate online…so what’s the problem?

It’s only a problem if barry’s original birth certificate vital recordS don’t jive with that obviously fake online COLB he presented. The fact that Dr Fukino referred to recordS as in plural proves his original birth certificate was not enough. And the changes the barrymedia has a clue?

Rep Posey’s points out the reality – AZ was involved because Arizona Senator John McCain’s natural born status was raised before barry’s. And as for singling barry out? McCain’s citizenship required a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing (April 10, 2008) out of which came a non-binding resolution declaring Sen McCain a NBC (April 28). They did nothing about barry until July 28, 2009 when the House added that barry was born in Hawaii to a resolution celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Hawaii’s Statehood. Note also barry didn’t post that COLB online until after then Sen Clinton suspended her campaign.

Neither resolution means anything, something anti-birthers haven’t figured out. And Sen McCain’s status was probed first and most importantly, Sen McCain offered up his original birth certificate, as well as 1100 pages of medical records.


It’s not surprising that Arizona is the first state to pass this given that the news media first raised issues about McCain’s eligibility. Implementing these standards through legislation, which are listed in the Constitution, will help put to rest any future controversies surrounding presidential eligibility.

Mark is clearly an anti-birther…what else would Politico be?

Note the assurance that barry was born in Hawaii (think Mark knows the name of the hospital barry was born in?) and that it’s a “conspiracy theory” aimed at undermining barry’s “legitimacy”.

MARK:  “Birther” questions about the Hawaiian-born president have been a source of persistent conspiracy theories since the start of the 2008 presidential campaign, with Democrats denouncing all such questions as efforts to undermine Obama’s legitimacy.

It’s become laughable. They all seem to overlook the fact that barry has never proven his “legitimacy”. He admitted straight up he was a “native-born” citizen (Fight the Smears) not a natural born citizen and refuses to release whatever Hawaii has vouched for which has never been connected to that ridiculous COLB.

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