The only remaining mystery re: barry’s birth certificate

April 25, 2010

Birth certificate posts

The only question that remains unanswered about barry’s birth certificate is why the media has not simply asked for a copy.

The fact they haven’t proves beyond common sense doubt that something isn’t kosher about what Dr Fukino vouched for and/or the COLB image barry posted online.

And as I have contended since the outset – it doesn’t matter what is written on barry’s “vital recordS”.

What matters is the media – across the board – Conservatives included – continue to refuse to demand barry release a copy of it.

There are no free official media outlets in the US. Every single one of them – including FOX and WND – have become state-run media outlets.

WND’s Lester Kingsolving could have gotten to the bottom of the eligibility issue by the end of January 2009 and certainly any time since then.

Bill O’Reilly admitted on video he could get a copy of barry’s original birth certificate at any time if he wanted but hasn’t because he doesn’t care.

OREILLY: I don’t care. Chris, if I wanted to know, I would find out tomorrow, and I don’t care.

The American media has allowed themselves to become completely corrupted. Their pro-barry bias was irrefutably proven on March 3, 2008 – before the birth certificate even became a national issue.

Did they know about the birth certificate/eligibility issue before barry ran for president?

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