Updated: UK Ambassador to Yemen survives assassination attempt

April 26, 2010

Update (4-29) Background article in Yemen Today Observer re: the al Qaeda bomber. His father, Ali Noman al-Selwi, allegedly attemtped to notify authorites about his missing son, was not aware of his son’s plans, and vigorously denouncs his son’s act.

I condemn what happened in every sense of the word and I thank God for the safety of the ambassador and passers-by. Honestly, despite the loss I suffered, I was relieved that no one was hurt other than my son.

UK Telgraph

Sana’a, Yemen
Moday 7:55 am local time
Target: Ambassador Timothy Torlot (52)
Ambassador since 2007

Convoy less than 1/2 mile from embassy
Witnesses: human detonator dropped off by a “black car with tinted windows” five minutes prior.

Human detonator: 22 y/o student from Taiz who had “trained” in Marib province at a AQAP camp.
Known to officials
Missed the ambassador’s vehicle
Only confirmed casusalty the detonator – his parts littered the area, including the gutter and nearby rooftops.

Officials: “dozens” of arrests.
Embassy closed indefinitely.

Washington Post:

A statement by the Yemeni Embassy in Washington suggested that the attack may have been in retaliation for a Yemeni operation that killed two suspected al-Qaeda operatives in the western city of Hodeida on April 18.

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