HI: Vexatious birther bill passed House/Senate

April 29, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Vexatious birther bill passed both the House and Senate.

Hawaii SB2937 SD1 HD1 CD1

Exempts disclosure of government records in response to duplicate requests from a single requestor, provided that the agency to which the request was made satisfies specified requirements.

Sunset date on July 1, 2014. (CD1)

Highighted portion the key. Had Hawaii been honest from the start, they wouldn’t be getting repeat requests from the same person. And how are they going to prove the identity of said vexatious requestor? Search the internet for blog comments?

Three months they spent on this measure – a measure brought about for one reason: barry refused to produce his birth certificate. Why aren’t Hawaiians as outraged about this – which may limit their access to vital FOIA material not related to barry – like the folks in Arizona are about the birther bill?

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