Polanski wrote letter to barry, Sargozy delivered it

Re-posting. Really would like to know where these go.

April 29, 2010

Polanski posts

Thanks Cheri for the link.

Nicolas Sargozy hand delivered a letter to barry from Roman Polanski. Something not widely covered in the US.

Daily Beast (Eric Pape) post mentioning the French article written by Renaud Revel and published on April 14.

Original article in French (translation page link)

During his last visit to Washington, Nicolas Sarkozy was carrying a letter addressed to Roman Polanski’s Barack Obama. The Head of State, which has struggled behind the scenes to support the director, presented the letter to Bush in person.

In this letter, the filmmaker, whose extradition is pending, said the tenant of the White House two months ago in Swiss prisons, added to his forty-seven days in jail in 1977, California at the material times, enough to cover the penalty incurred in the United States today. And Polanski added that his extradition would only result in humiliating the U.S. media. Nicolas Sarkozy has supported his approach.

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