Former CIA agent passes on barry’s BC/eligibility issue

May 2, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Former CIA agent “Willa” answers questions on Family Security Matters. As expected, she received many questions about barry’s birth certificate/eligibility, but she declined to address them, saying the CIA is apolitical.

Dear Readers:

Thank you for your questions and interest in American intelligence. I just wanted to take a minute to say that I have received a number of questions which are political in nature, specifically questions about President Obama’s birth certificate, about possible martial law in the U.S., and others.

Though I’d love to offer my comments on every political topic imaginable, it is not for me to do. I write only about American intelligence. The CIA is an apolitical organization. It reports to the executive branch of the government, and its mission is to “collect” and “analyze” intelligence for the policymakers. Tempting as it is to believe – and to read – otherwise, the CIA collects and analyzes. It does not make policy, and it is not a political organization.


Why is the question of whether the present President of the United States and Commander in Chief’s Constitutional eligibility to be president a “political” question?

Why wouldn’t the CIA want to make sure the person they are reporting to is legitimate?

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