Jacqi – re: John Hemenway

May 3, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Hello Jacqi.

I don’t have any specific information. I wondered why so many folks were reading that post so I did a search and found a quote and a strong suggestion that did not have a second source. I also found an obituary but no cause of death. I can’t say 100% it is a relative – though the info jives with a previous obituary and other info I ran across. The local paper in the area is weekly and comes out on Wednesday. [Found nothing.]

Since a man died – a father – I am not giving credence to anything. As is, one would think there would be a comment on Family Security Matters or on Phil Berg’s website. Yes, there are several interlocking theories as far as in/eligibility, but there is also a far more sinister one. None of which need commenting on unless the family itself raises questions.

I’m posting this only for general information so I don’t have to answer any other questions. My personal opinion is no one could be that heartless – not even the powers that be. Prayers go out to family and loved ones.

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