Maher: “They bring that desert stuff to us” (video)

May 6, 2010

Anderson Cooper

Bill Maher’s thoughts on Islam.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Follow link for the full interview transcript.

COOPER: So I mean, why is Islam the one religion about which so many in America and the West censor themselves when it comes to talking about it or making fun of it? Is it just fear?

MAHER: Absolutely. Absolutely. Because they’re violent. Because they threaten us, and they are threatening. They bring that desert stuff to our world.

I said the same thing Friday night. You know, we don’t threaten each other; we sue each other. That’s the sign of civilized people. And — and they don’t. You know, yes, we do have religious nuts in this country. There was a cleric in Iran who recently said that earthquakes were caused by slutty women. Well, Pat Robertson once said that abortions caused hurricanes, I think. But the difference is Pat Robertson doesn’t have the power to cut your arms off.

You know, I mean, people who want to gloss over the difference between western culture and Islamic culture and forget about the fact that the Islamic culture is 600 years younger and that they are going through the equivalent of what the west went through with our Middle Ages, our Dark Ages, when religion had way too much power and we had inquisitions and things like that, do so at their peril. You know, when they caught this guy — yes, go ahead.

COOPER: When you hear, you know, the oft refrain from American Muslims is the vast majority of American Muslims abhor this kind of stuff. You know, they will say, look, Islam is a religion of peace. Do you buy that?

MAHER: Yes, they blow you up. There’s a piece of you over there. There’s a piece of you over there. There’s a piece of you over there.

Is it a religion of peace? You know, I don’t know. I have not read the Koran in its original. When you read the translation, there are many, many, many passages that are not peaceful at all, that are about killing the infidel and so forth.

There are many passages like that in the Bible, too. Not as many. And we don’t take it seriously. That’s the difference. We blow off our religions. If we took the Bible seriously, we’d look over our fence on Sunday morning, see our neighbor mowing his lawn and think, “Hmm, working on Sunday. I really should kill him.” But we don’t do that.

You know, there are entire schools — you know this, Anderson. You’re a globetrotter. You’ve been to madrassas in Pakistan and so forth. Entire schools where the kids read just one book. They’re memorizing the Koran. That’s all they do. You know, that’s not what we do in this country.

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