Updated AC 360: LTC Lakin, lawyer Paul Jensen (video/text)

May 11: AC replayed the interview –  Jeffrey Toobin, Roland Martin & Erick Erickson comments


I updated the post with relevant background. Working on adding links. The name of the document is of utmost importance despite what the barrymedia tries to make you believe. A “factcheck” is meaningless when it can’t even name the document it is vouching for.

For folks already aware, scroll all the way down for CNN video and transcript.

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May 7, 2010

Birth certficate posts

Anderson Cooper, lawyer PAUL JENSEN, LTC TERRY LAKIN

Source: Patriot American Patriot Foundation (Safeguard Our Constitution)

LTC LAKIN is a decorated flight surgeon and 18-yr veteran of the US Army facing court-martial because he aked barry to validate his Constitutional eligibility to serve as Commander in Chief (by releasing  his original birth certificate and whatever slese necessary) and that until such time he would not in good conscience be able to follow orders, including deployment to Afghanistan.

Videos: Lakin in his own words, on G Gordon Liddy radio show

Excerpt form his letter to barry:

Unless it is established (by this sufficient proof that should be easily within your power to provide) that you are constitutionally eligible to serve as President and my Commander-in-Chief, I, and all other military officers may be following illegal orders.

Therefore, sir, until an original birth certificate is brought forward that validates your eligibility and puts to rest the other reasonable questions surrounding your unproven eligibility; I cannot in good conscience obey ANY military orders.

LTC Lakin’s concerns re: barry’s eligibility date back to the Fall of 2008, circa Phil Berg’s lawsuit (the first). Lakin tried for over a year and followed proper chain of command and nothing. Had barry actually released a certified copy of his original birth certificate, like he said he did, the “birther movement” would have been nipped in the bud.

[All emphasis in post added.]

March 30, LTC Lakin:

I am today compelled to make the distasteful choice to invite my own court martial, in pursuit of the truth about the president’s eligibility under the constitution to hold office.

And when he failed to deploy, Lakin was arrested and charged with 2 felonies:

1) “Design[ed] to miss the movement” of his flight
2) Failure to obey a direct order – 4 incidences


What is your visceral reaction to these two photos?

Candidate – Iowa – Sept 2007

Acting Commander in Chief – Fort Hood Memorial

Could he get any more removed from the situation?


The distinction between the two is specifically designed to prevent usurpation:

ENLISTED swear to defend the Constitution AND obey the Orders of the President (and superiors):

…do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

OFFICERS swear ONLY to defend to the Constitution:

…do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.

The “best of my ability” is taken for granted in the Military Oaths.

PRESIDENTIAL Oath of Office:

I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Dry run?

(Official WH Photo)

Messed it up anyway.

And why wasn’t the second oath videotaped and released to the public?


Here are a few terms I’ve seen referring to LTC Lakin – written of course by folks who think barry released his original birth certificate:

Birther doctor, Racist birther guilty of treason, deranged paranoid nutjob birther.

Read his CV

LTC Lakin volunteered to serve his country and has done so with distinction. He has served in Honduras, Bosnia, El Salvador and Korea and his scheduled deployment to Afghanistan would have been his second.

His immediate position prior to his arrest and banishment to Walter Reed was Chief of Primary Care and Flight Surgeon for the Pentagon DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic. I think it’s fair to assume the position of top doctor at the top Army facility, responsible for the safety of the top Army isn’t given to someone prone to racist conspiracy theories.

His duties included providing “quality medical care and wellness services to individuals, family members and organizations that are actively engaged in service to our country during the Global War on Terror”.

(Seems barry hasn’t gotten to the Pentagon to change the nomenclature.)

And supervising the medical clearance and ongoing care of GEN CASEY’s flight crew, which translates to Gen Casey and his high-powered ‘guests’: Secy of State, Secy Defense, Joint Chiefs, NATO Commanders, Members of Congress, foreign diplomast….

March 2010: Secy Defense Robert Gates, LTC Lakin

Wonder what the conversation entailed.

As an Army physician, LTC Lakin owes allegiance to two oaths: the Military Oath of Office and the Hippocratic Oath (First Do No Harm). He was medically and (for lack of a better word) militarily responsible for those under his command and personally responsible to each and every one of his patients – whether they be families of Pentagon employees, US/NATO soldiers, Heads of State, innocent civilians or enemy combatants.

A difficult enough task without having to question the Constitutionality of each and every one of his actions.

Dr Lakin in action


(Dept of Defense via WSJ)

The birther issue never “went away”.

And LTC Lakin sought resolution through proper military channels – citizens, voters, electors, presidential candidates, ex-politicians (DELAY, TANCREDO), active and retired military, and lawyers attempted to compel barry to the produce his original birth certificate, naysayers were attacked (LOU DOBBS, Congress) and the SUPREME COURT just said no (intentionally?).

Hawaii offiicial, DR CHIYOME FUKINO (pix) backed away from vouching for barry’s “original birth certificate” and HI legislators passed a Vexatious Requester anti-birther bill.

Birth certificate bills were introduced (REP POSEY – FL) and passed (REP BURGES – AZ).

Politicians/legislators openly questioned why barry hasn’t released his birth certificate (SCHWEIGHART, HAYWORTH) and some directly asked barry for a copy (REP DEAL).

Elections were lost (NJ, VA, MS), incumbents were attacked (REPS SCHMIDT, BACHMANN) or resigned (BAYH, DODD, KENNEDY, DORGAN, STUPAK) or were offered other jobs (SESTAK).

Some will never make it to Washington (ALEXI GIANNOULIAS) and some may be taken down in Rod Blagojevich’s trial. Check out all the high-ranking Illinois and national politicians directly involved.

[First Amendment disclaimer] ROLAND BURRIS bought his seat out on the open for $50K and the Illinois DA and US Senate Ethics Committee cleared him of ethics violation. New Washington = Chicago.

And all the while, the MSM not only refused to ask for the original birth certificate (or if they have, haven’t made know they did and what was found) – they continued to lie that barry released a “certified copy of his original birth certificate” and that Hawaii has vouched for it.

Not true.

And the media knows it – conservative media included. The only non State-run media is found on the internet, which is why barry hates the internet and why he wants complete censorship control.

A few examples – see link above for a hundred others.

GLENN BECK knows – he admitted civil unrest would result if barry was found out –  guess who would lose his schtick and be blamed for it?

RUSH LIMBAUGH uses it as needed – anyone check his sponsors?

BILL No Spin OREILLY, said he could find out tomorrow but he doesn’t care.

Rhodes scholar RACHEL MADDOW can’t read the title of the document she waves around and blamed the Holocaust Memorial shooting on birthers.

As did CHRIS MATTHEWS, who didn’t know the difference between an original birth certificate and the COLB, found out, and is now intentionally parroting the present birthers are racists party line: barry’s a foreigner.

WND‘s LESTER KINGSOLVING, could have forced Gibbs to answer by the end of Jan 2009 but hasn’t. No possible explanation other than money means more than truth.

KITTY PILGRIM “factchecked” by reciting non-facts and flat-out lies.

MEDIA MATTERS forced LOU DOBBS off CNN by attacking Jon Klein and then boycotted CNN by appearing on it.

PSYCHOTALK ED SCHULTZ said: “we’ve established barry was born in the US”  but can’t of course name barry’s actual physical birthplace.

No one can.

And no one can explain why the hospital that delivered the first Hawaiian-born POTUS didn’t commemorate his birthday. barry’s own spokesman, ROBERT GIBBS said he didn’t “know the name of the exact hospital” barry was allegedly born in.


[Going to use red/blue so the difference is obvious.]

All barry has provided as “proof” of his eligibility is a digitial image of a purported Hawaii-issued CertifiCATION of Live Birth = COLB. No hard document or copy of anything has ever been presented to an impartial third party – despite GIBBs’ insistence that a “certified copy of barry’s original birth certificate” was posted online

As far as the COLB:

The only documented folks involved with vetting that digital image COLB are directly sympathetic to barry.

The only folks documented to have seen a hard copy of that COLB were/are employed by FACTCHECK, with which barry has a direct conection (along with just a guy in the neighborhood BILL AYERS whose adult kids went to school with barry’s 11 & 8 y/o daughters). It is as worthless a factcheck as Fight the Smears and Politifact because all three of them call it by the wrong name.

The person who initially posted that COLB online – KOS – and his KOSSACKS have been pro-barry since at least 2004.

Are you aware some folks believe Kos is a CIA agent? No kidding.

The ultimate person responsible for officially certifying that barry met the Constitutional requirements was NANCY PELOSI, who sent out two different Official Certification of Nomination forms.

And barry’s birther lawyerROBERT BAUER (laughing at the clueless), who used that unvouched for COLB in a SCOTUS filing footnote is barry’s private lawyer, the DNC’s (including DNC Chairman at the time Nancy Pelosi’s) lawyer, and the acting WH counsel.

Unsubpoenable start to finish. By design.

How angry might barryfans be if they actually decided to inform themselves and discovered that their Dear Leader! and his minions (MSM), have been laughing at them all the way ha, ha, ha?

Some have discovered how they were used – DAVE WEIGEL – which is why they are so venomous toward birthers and have to hide out in private forums (Politijab) to muster the propaganda troops!

And each time the birther issue “comes back” more barryfans wonder why he doesn’t just release it and why the barrymedia hasn’t just asked for a copy – or at very least learned its proper name.

And with the obviously tight midterm races, none of the Democratic candidates have been able to force barry to release his birth certificate. Which directly counters barry’s MO of political expedience. At this point it would be more advantageous to release it…folks aren’t buying the birthers are racists anymore and the candidates don’t want to get birther-filled townhalls.

But he hasn’t because he can’t for whatever reason, which may have nothing to do with his Constitutional eligibility.

He doesn’t care – he only wanted to become president (the first black president to be precise, going so far as to erase the typical white family who raised him from his census form) – not be president.

It was always about him and only him.

(Official White House photo – both)

He said from the start that if folks didn’t like what he did they could vote him out.

Does that sound like a man with a Messiah Complex?

Or a man who has no interest in reading TOTUS and pretending to make decisions for the next 6 years?

FALLS CHURCH, VA - JANUARY 19:   U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the 'Race To The Top' program at the Graham Road Elementary School January 19, 2010 in Falls Church, Virginia. The President is announcing his request for an additional $1.35 billion in 2011 for the program that was created as part of the economic stimulus bill signed into law last year. He is joined by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.


Especially when he already said that passing healthcare would be “his finest moment in politics”.

How soon will barryfans realize that by the time they start paying for this healthcare (that’s going to save hypothetical trillions of dollars  that have never even been spent) barry will be long gone?

When are they going to be enlightened to the fact that barrycare will indeed be rationed and will indeed be run by an “advisory panel” that will indeed be making life and death decisions?

Before or after they realize insurance companies CAN deny service by simply paying a fine – $365K/yr max?

A steal when it comes to bone marrow transplants or life-long autism treatment.


barry posted only a digital image of a COLB = CertifiCATION of Live Birth, which has not been in any way vouched for by Hawaii, despite numerous requests to do so.

Barack Obama's Birth Certificate - FTS

Wanna make your own?

CertifiCATION of Live Birth =  paper certifying that an original birth certificate exists.


A CertifiCATE of Live Birth = original birth certificate:

Copy of typed 1961 original birth certificate from one twin who was born the day after barry in allegedly the same hospital as barry (Kapiolani).

The mother of the twins, Mrs Nordyke, never saw Ann Dunham. Back in the days of Maternity Ward and several day stays…especially for a teenager with a biracial child.

DR FUKINO’s first statement vouched that Sen Obama’s “original birth certificate ON RECORD in accordance with state policies and procedures” and the second was changed to “original vital recordS maintained ON FILE“. (See COLB above) An amended COLB would qualify for a vital record.

Her (laughable) assertion that barry is a natural born citizen is laughable.

Below his COLB, he claimed he was a “native citizen” of the United States.

Constitutional requirement = “natural born“.

Dr Fukino’s attempt proves barry AND the Hawaiian government are not going to release it unless forced. And with the rash of ‘natural’ disasters since barry took Office lately, it’s possible one might navigate its way into the Hawaii DoH vital records vault.

If barry had an original Hawaii birth certificate stating he was born in Hawaii – and if he is telling the truth that he has never changed his name – then there would be absolutely no need for plural recordS.

And even though Dr Fukino amended away from “original birth certificate” barry has continued to maintain that the posted COLB is a certified copy of his original birth certificate.

How can he have a copy of something Dr Fukino no longer says she has?

And how can it be a certified copy of a COLB when the man whose job it is to certify COLBs and whose name is allegedly stamped on it – DR ALVIN T ONAKA – looked at that COLB and said he couldn’t say for sure what it was?

And how can it be a copy of anything when only a digital image at least three different digital images have been made public – none of which included an uninterrupted view of the back side or a full view of the State of Hawaii seal.

The part lopped off is hiding the fact there was no crease as seen in other variants.

By definition, it is not a certified copy unless the entire back page is shown and the complete seal and stamp are visible in situ.


And, finally.

The birth announcements are absolutely meaningless.


They do not state barry’s name or the location of his birth and no one can personally – as in a real life human being – vouch where the information came from. And their existence does not mean his family had planned that he would one day be POTUS – just that they wanted to be sure of his American citizenship.


According to LTC Lakin, the Pentagon has had official knowledge of the eligibility issue for at least a year and have done nothing to resolve it.

Ergo, they are unable to do so.

Beyond common sense proof:

Having already dealt with MAJOR COOK (voluntary deployment rescinded – lost defense contractor job) and CAPTAIN CONNIE RHODES (source of Orly Taitz’s $20K sanction), why would the Pentagon want to embarrass itself yet again by court-martialing the physician who supervised the medical care of their own children?


Original post

LTC TERRY LAKIN and his lawyer PAUL JENSEN were on AC 360 tonight.

Anderson Cooper really doesn’t care how ignorant he looks anymore. His line of argument proves he doesn’t grasp anything, starting the name of the documents all the way through to what the “birther” issue involves.

His reduction of the issue is:

1-Should all soldiers from Hawaii be suspect because of what they provided as proof of birth?

2-How come LTC Lakin never questioned where Gen Casey was born?

What has his staff been smoking?

Gen Casey, by the way, according to WIKI, was born in Sendai, Japan – foreign born AND an American citizen.

Think AC was aware of that or just using Casey as an example of a superior?

Also included – the latest birthers are racists party line: he’s a “foreigner”.


Which deliberately sidesteps the fact that he could be born in the Lincoln Bedroom and still not be eligible.

All birthers, (birthers = people who believe barry has not proven himself Constitutionally eligible and that no one else has either) want to see the original birth certificate.

They separate on the issues of: dual allegiance, both parents have to be NBC, maternal age, not born in US, claimed Indonesian citizenship, never denounced Kenyan citizenship, never registered for Selective Service, etc.

Those who say being born in Hawaii doesn’t matter because of the issue of dual allegiance (Donofrio – don’t know if he has a new website) still want to see the original birth certificate to prove that COLB is worthless.

Thing is there’s no need for the original birth certificate if that COLB can be proven a fraud….which it already has been…by the Hawaii Registrar whose name is allegedly on that COLB…which was admitted to by Politifact in their “factcheck“…which is being regarded as proof that COLB is authentic.

How many people who quote that as proof even realize it?

It’s true. Follow the links to see for yourself.

Anyone wonder folks are angry?

New info provided during interview: Janice Okubo’s and Gov Lingle’s statements.

Am not aware of either – will check.

Sounds like Andy Martin (once candidate for barry’s senate seat who was thrown out of the IL GOP for questioning Rep Mark Kirk’s sexual orientation – as he did Sotomayor’s) is back at it. Gov Lingle was always his number one target. Martin’s theory: barry’s original birth certificate is a historical document and thus subject to FOIA (Hawaii UIPA). Martin had been given a box of papers from the Hawaii DA via FOIA but I’m not sure he ever went through it. Prior to this alleged statement – Gov Lingle was attributed to have vouched for barry’s birth, which I could never find proof of. Politifact quoted hearsay as did NY Times JEFF ZELENY and a host of others.

Color is the easiest way to see how clueless Cooper is. He talks about proof and never once mentions by name what barry has provided as proof – the COLB = CertifiCATION of Live Birth. Don’t have to read or watch the video – just scroll down and look for red vs blue.

But for a little comedic relief, watch the video for AC’s blink! blink! blink! President Bush impression.

(4:40 – 5:00 = 18 blinks)

Would love to know who was feeding him his “If you had done your research…” information. And when Mr Jensen came back with the statute AC had nothing to say.

Who looked more like Orly Taitz on MSNBC?

Mr Jensen or Anderson Cooper?

American Patriot Foundation (Safeguard Our Constitution)

Full Transcript follows

[Emphasis added]

COOPER: He’s a decorated Army doctor, and tonight Lieutenant colonel Terrence Lakin has become the face of the so-called birthers movement, whose followers believe President Obama may not have been born in the U.S. and may not be eligible to be president of the United States.

Lieutenant Colonel Lakin, who’s been an active-duty physician for the military for 18 years, has been ordered to deploy to Afghanistan for a second tour of duty. But Lakin is refusing that command, saying the order is coming from a commander in chief who he believes may not, in fact, be a natural-born citizen.

Lakin has also invited his own court-martial and says he wants proof the president was born in the U.S.

Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin joins me now, along with his attorney, Paul Jensen. I appreciate both of you being with us. Colonel, you say you’re refusing your orders because, quote, “There is significant evidence or unanswered speculation that Mr. Obama is not eligible to be president.” You said that in a note to General Casey.

Now, ignoring the idea that you actually cited speculation as a justification for your decision, but to say there’s significant evidence that the president was not born in America is just false. I mean, you’re an honorable guy. You’ve served your country incredibly well. You’re a doctor. Do you honestly believe President Obama was not born in Hawaii?

PAUL JENSEN, LT. LAKIN’S LAWYER: Well, Anderson, let me answer as his lawyer…

COOPER: No, no, no. Excuse me. Wait, this is a doctor — excuse me. This is a doctor. This is a man who served his country for 18 years. I think he can answer a question by himself.

JENSEN: I think that the lawyer should protect the client from incriminating himself. You say it’s false. You’re not prosecuting this case.

COOPER: OK, lieutenants Colonel, if you call up the state of Hawaii and you ask for a birth certificate, you’re sent a certificate of live birth. That is the official document. And the president has…

JENSEN: That is not correct.

COOPER: And the president …

JENSEN: That is absolutely not correct.

COOPER: And the president has released — and the president has released that certificate of live birth — there it is — to newspapers. In 1961, had birth announcements provided by the state of Hawaii Health Department. The Republican governor of Hawaii sent someone to personally view the birth certificate at the Department of health and says it’s there.

JENSEN: That’s not…

COOPER: Again, can the colonel not talk for himself? THE GUY’s an adult.

JENSEN: You said that that’s a birth certificate, Mr. Cooper. Now you want to tell the truth to your viewers.

COOPER: According to the state of Hawaii…

JENSEN: That’s an abstract, a computer-generated abstract…

COOPER: According to the state of Hawaii, the certificate of live birth, and I’m quoting from the state of Hawaii Health Department. The certificate of live birth is the standard form acceptable by federal agencies.

So are you saying, Colonel, but you’re not actually saying anything. But I would appreciate it if you actually would, and not hide behind your attorney. Are you actually saying that all soldiers who currently serve who are from Hawaii should be suspect because that’s what they provide?

[“This guy” tries to speak and AC cuts him off after 10 words.]

LT. COL. TERRENCE LAKIN, CHALLENGES OBAMA’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE: This is a constitutional matter. And the truth matters, and…

COOPER: Well, and answers matter. Can you answer my question? Should all soldiers who are from Hawaii and who have given certificate of live births as their proof of citizenship, should they all be suspect now?

LAKIN: This isn’t a matter about all soldiers. This is a matter about…

COOPER: Well, you’re saying the president…

LAKIN: … the two positions that are — require — that require a natural-born citizen.

COOPER: You’ve take countless orders in your — in your laudable service over the years. Have you ever asked for any superior’s birth certificate?

JENSEN: You know, that really is — begs the question…

COOPER: No, no, no, sir, please let your client answer. You served under General Casey. Where was he born?

JENSEN: I’m the lawyer, and I’m going to tell you, Mr. Cooper, the issue isn’t about where General Casey was born, where Mr. …

COOPER: He doesn’t know. Because you’ve never asked the question, because you just assume that they’re Americans.

JENSEN: He doesn’t have to be a natural-born citizen to be the chief of staff of the Army.

COOPER: Actually, to serve in the United States Army, according to your own documents, citizenship papers have to be brought to bear. In fact…

JENSEN: That’s not the issue. To serve as president of the United State…

COOPER: In your own letter…

JENSEN: Mister — Mr. Cooper, please.

COOPER: Colonel in your own letter….

JENSEN: … to be president of the United States…

COOPER: … to General Casey you have said that you had to provide your birth certificate.

JENSEN: You’re afraid of letting me answer. Are you afraid of letting me answer?

COOPER: No, I’d like your client to answer.

JENSEN: The issue under the United States Constitution is whether the president is eligible to hold the office. That determine — is determined by whether he’s 35 years old and a natural-born citizen. Those are not requirements for the chief of staff of the Army, sir. And what Colonel Lakin has said is that there’s mounting evidence that he is not. And the original birth certificate has not been released.

COOPER: Right, OK. There’s not mounting evidence. And he has…

JENSEN: That’s what you said.

[This is hysterical. Just watch AC become a blinking!!! machine!!!]

COOPER: Excuse me. Let me respond. He has taken orders for years from people, probably thousands of orders. Countless orders. He has never questioned the legitimacy of the people he is taking orders from. General Casey. But he doesn’t know where General Casey is born. For all he knows, General Casey could be a foreign-born, not an American citizen.

JENSEN: Mr. Cooper, if you’ve done your research, you know that, in the state of Hawaii, there’s a statute that allows anyone born outside the state of Hawaii, including in a foreign country, to obtain a Hawaiian birth certificate at any age by going back and filling out a form…

COOPER: Right. And if you’d done your research, you’d know that, on the certificate of live birth, it would indicate if the person was born in another country. It would say they were born in another country...

JENSEN: That’s not correct.

COOPER: That is correct. That is the fact.

JENSEN: I beg your pardon. Under Hawaiian statute 338-17.8, there’s nothing that says that in the statute.


JENSEN: You point it out to me if I’m wrong.

COOPER: In your complaint to General Casey, Colonel, you say, quote, that you’re not seeking any grandstanding or publicity for this action. How can you seriously say that? I mean, you put out a YouTube video with your — talking, frankly, more than you’ve talked here tonight. You have this group paying all your legal fees, The American Patriot Foundation Legal Defense Fund. They’ve provided the attorney who’s sitting next to you. And they’re fundraising based on you. They’re raising money using you.

LAKIN: I attempted all avenues I could over a year ago. I submitted an Article 138, which is the only way that I could research how to — how to address this issue, asking and begging my leadership for guidance in how to — how to address this issue. And the answers that I got were not…

JENSEN: Mr. Cooper, you — the standard is not satisfying you — the standard is to satisfy…


COOPER: Lieutenant Colonel, you sound like an honorable man — excuse me. I’m addressing your client. Lieutenant Colonel, you seem like an incredibly honorable man who’s obviously served his country. You’re a doctor; you’re an educated man. Why is it this issue? I mean, of all the orders you’ve taken, of all the people you’ve served under, why this, why now? What is it that has got you so, you know, sticking on this issue?

LAKIN: It’s a fundamental of the Constitution, and my oath of office is to the Constitution. And I believe we need truth on this matter.

COOPER: But I mean, what’s wrong with the certificate of live birth, in your opinion? What’s wrong — I mean, how do you explain a newspaper — two newspapers in 1961 announcing the birth of Barack Obama in Hawaii? [NOT] Which is not something his parents did or his grandparents did. Those are based on health records sent by the health department, as it does for every person born in Hawaii. And everyone gets a newspaper now.

JENSEN: Mr. Cooper, that’s simply not correct. And the issue is instead why hasn’t the president released the original birth certificate, if one exists? This could be over tonight. Tonight. Release the birth certificate, if it exists, signed by the doctor in 1961. It’s in the state of Hawaii’s records. If…

COOPER: I’m just going to read you a quote from Janice Okubu from the department of health: “Our certificate of live birth is the standard form which was modeled after national standards that are acceptable by federal agencies and organizations.”

JENSEN: But it is not the only form…

COOPER: The governor of Hawaii, a Republican, has said, and I quote, “I had my health doctor, who is a physician by background, go personally view the birth certificate in the birth records of the department of health, and we issued a news release.”

JENSEN: And she is not going to be testifying at the court-martial. This is a criminal case. The president should release the original birth certificate, and this would be over tonight. These other documents and testimony are not admissible and will not be admitted in court.

COOPER: Well, I appreciate you being on the program tonight. Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin, I appreciate it, as well. Thank you, sir.

JENSEN: Thank you.

2 Responses to “Updated AC 360: LTC Lakin, lawyer Paul Jensen (video/text)”

  1. mattie Says:

    Hi Terry The Censor.

    It was in reference to the preceding statement about the presidents’ actual physical birthplaces.

    They can’t name the actual physical birthplace – as in actual physical place of birth, such as a hospital or manger – but they swear he was born in Hawaii.


    AC rehashed this interview last night and his guest Jeffrey Toobin called the Pentagon physician “a bigot, a racist, a freak, a lunatic, not rational”.


    ps. Your final comment has qualified you for the front page. That a-word has a way of being picked up by the alphabet agencies so we have to be clear it wasn’t anyone here who wrote it. If it hadn’t already been posted we could have deleted that part.

    Check out the photo to see what the US president thinks of Canada’s PM.

  2. mattie Says:

    Hello Terry the Censor:

    1-Makes no sense:

    ad hominem attacks on fact-checkers using smeary non-sequitars

    Had you followed even a single link you would have found proof.

    2-Relevant info was added as requested by a reader. Folks aware of the situation were directed to the video and transcript.


    There are over 540 posts on this issue alone.

    4-Stop and think about this:

    Wrong. He was making the point that the doctor questioned the qualifications of _no one else_ to issue orders, just Obama.

    -None of the previous presidents LTC Lakin has served under had their birthplace or eligibility questioned.

    -All four were governors of their respective states before becoming presidents and as such extensively vetted.

    barry has not even gotten close to being vetted.

    -Their birthplaces – the actual physical birthplaces of Pres Reagan, Carter, Clinton and Bush are well-known, well-documented and unquestioned. (Posting a list.)

    Not a single anti-birther – not even the man who speaks for the president – has stated publicly where barry was born. And not a single media outlet has forced them to. But they can all swear barry was born in Hawaii.

    -The previous presidents’ auxillary records (school, personal work, government) are all matters of public record.

    barry’s are not and he is fighting in court that they never be released.

    -Gen Casey, as well as any other superior LTC has served under, do not have a requirement to be natural-born citizens. Servicemembers are not even required to be US citizens. But all are required to show copies of their birth certificates and provide whatever back-up information requested.

    barry has not and refuses to.

    Which explains why LTC Lakin has never questioned anyone else. That was the lamest of all the things Cooper said and it proved he has no concept of the “birther” issue or the Constitutional requirements to hold the Office of the presidency.

    I’d ask who sent you, but I’m more curious why someone in Ontario is defending barry.

    Go Hawks!

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