CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: LTC Lakin is “a bigot, a racist, a freak, a lunatic, not rational”

May 10, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Anderson Cooper interviewed LTC Lakin and his lawyer Paul Jensen on Friday and tonight he re-hashed it because he “received a lot of vitriolic e-mails over the last couple days from birthers”. Backing him up was “CNN SENIOR LEGAL ANALYST” and barry sycophant (redundant) Jeffrey Toobin, go-to Roland Martin and Red State Editor Erick Erickson.  All I know about the latter is he banned “birthers” from his site. One wonders what barry position he is jockeying for.

Martin & Erickson comments

Note that Cooper does not cut any of them off like he did both LTC Lakin and his lawyer – being so rude as to talk right over them.

No video – just a replay of Friday’s interview.

“Keeping Them Honest”

COOPER: Jeff, what are the odds of Lieutenant Colonel Lakin actually getting anywhere with his defense?

JEFFREY TOOBIN: Remember the old Elvis Costello song “Less Than Zero”? I would say that’s what his chances are here in this — in this whole enterprise. I mean, look…

COOPER: And, I mean, I — it is sad. I mean, this is a guy who has given 18 years of service, you know, apparently served honorably, was a doctor, and then seems to be tossing out his career for this. There are principled stands you can take. This doesn’t seem to be one of them.

TOOBIN: You know, in your interview, you kept saying what an honorable man he is. You know, as they say at the Supreme Court, I think I dissent.

These people are bigots. They’re racists. They’re freaks. They’re lunatics. These are not rational players in American politics. These people are not part of the American political system.

He just called LTC Lakin, the top physician at the Pentagon, ultimately responsible for the medical care of Pentagon employees and their families, as well as the safety of General Casey and those who fly in the helicopter with him: a bigot, a racist, a freak, a lunatic, not rational and not part of the American political system. Those words about a man who volunteered to serve his country and who has done so for 18 years. And no, Toobin was never in the military.

Toobin syllogism:

LTC Lakin is a birther.
All birthers are X.
LTC Lakin is X.

What wasn’t bigoted about what Toobin said?

Imagine if the birthers were comprised mainly of Blacks, Hispanics, Jews or Muslims.

[I don’t know that they aren’t – but they are identified as White Caucasians by the anti-birthers.]

Would he be able to get away with that?

What would Roland Martin be saying?

And what are the odds Toobin has every even spoken to a “birther”?

TOOBIN: And I think any effort to mollify them will simply lead to more questions. For example, let’s just mention that the Honolulu newspaper announced his birth the day after he was born.

Not. He claims August 4, 1961 as his birth – the announcements were published on August 13, 1961. (below)

COOPER: Two of them did, actually, yes.

TOOBIN: Two of them did. So, was that planted years later, so he could run for president? I mean, let’s not just — let’s not dignify these with any…

It’s difficult to choose words that are fit for a public forum – especially when the alphabet agencies are listening.

Birth announcement in question – Honolulu Advertiser.

Just going to list:

1-The birth announcements have not been personally vouched for by a human being.

2-They are identical – so the fact there is two means nothing.

3-If only children born in Hawaii could have such an announcement placed – and barry states he was born in Hawaii – why aren’t they able to name the hospital he was born in?

4-The papers were not the ones who discovered the announcements. Neither was Factcheck, whose link to the source (TD blog) of the announcements does not work.

5-The announcements say “son”. They do not give the name of the son.

6-They do not state where the son was born.

7-If in fact they were fake, the reason for placing them would not have been to ensure his American citizenship – not so that he would be qualified to be POTUS someday.

8-They are meaningless when the ultimate authority – Dr Fukino – says barry’s original vital recordS are available and barry can very easily ask for it. (Save your time – Dr Fukino has stated he can.)

Common sense:

Why can’t the Honolulu papers name the Honolulu hospital the first Honolulu-born president was birthed in? And why hasn’t any hospital anywhere in Hawaii claimed the first Hawaii-born president as their own?

As for Toobin – will he be asked to defend his comments?

And what do they say about the Army?

That they hire a “not rational bigot racist freak lunatic” and promote him to Chief of Primary Care and Flight Surgeon for the Pentagon DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic so he can supervise the medical care of the Pentagon employees and their children?

Will General Casey personally allow the man responsible for the medical clearance of his flight crew to be called a not rational bigot racist freak lunatic?

And Mr Jensen?

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