Greetings from a Canadian anti-birther

May 11, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Seems stateside antibirthers are getting tired….Mr Strauss, you still out there?

Normally I don’t bother but since this contains the a-word (* ADDED) I want to make it perfectly clear that no one on this site wrote it.


If you read my original comment, I did not defend your president, I merely criticised your delusional post. The reason I’m doing that is because foam-mouthed self-disinformation agents like you are intentionally creating a hostile environment that will result in the *ss*ssi*n*t**n of your president, and I think your lies should be exposed so that no one comes to harm.

Paranoia is not a virtue, it is a disorder of the mind.

No bowing to Christian allies.

(Jim Young/REUTERS)

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Nuclear Security Summit, Washington, April 12, 2010.

[photo replaced]

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