May 12, 2010

Hello anonymous2010. Thank you for the information. Not sure how someone takes a lead and then sends folks to the link that was provided with the lead. Not my integrity. Though you’d think a big site would have some type of standards. Have no idea how it is listed on google as coming from there either. More frustrating is WordPress covertly making money off all “free” WP blogs. Just found two more ads. And the only way to stop them from making money off your copyrighted words on blogs they promote as “free” takes $29.95/year. They say they have no idea how much money is being generated or the content of the ads and yet they use quantcast and default geolocate your posts. Actually thought they were a fair bunch of regular people until I discovered the ad scheme. And the geolocating was too much. Haven’t figured out what adsense “impressions” are or how much money is made off them and am trying to figure out how they make money off just the title of the post. I’d ask if anyone knew but no one says anything unless it’s nasty or blatantly false. As for your questions – sorry, don’t know the answer to the first one (don’t think I ever want to know) but I do have some drafts on Neda. For sure her mother’s radio and video interviews, which are probably on YouTube by now. Don’t have anything recent. The one-year anniversary of her murder is June 20. Think the world will ever know the number of other students tortured and/or murdered? And how many more will be arrested on her anniversary?

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