Cooper, Roland Martin, Erick Erickson re: LTC Lakin

May 10, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Not sure what happened to this post. Should have been posted with Toobin comments.

Here’s AC transcript from Monday. Cooper replayed his Friday interview with LTC Lakin and Lakin’s lawyer Paul Jensen.

Guests: Roland Martin, Jeffrey Toobin and Erick Erickson from Red State blog. Not familiar. Though I just saw in the transcript he’s a “CNN contributor”. How soon after he banned birthers from his site did he get the job at CNN?

No video I could find. Transcript of Martin’s and Erickson’s comments follows.

Propaganda: birthers believe barry is not American.

COOPER: (Friday lead) Tonight: The birthers are not going away, not the Army doctor who is disobeying orders because he doubts the president’s citizenship, not the state legislators who are trying to pass laws to prove it. So, the question tonight is,

Why do they believe the president isn’t American?

What is different about this president?

Title of segment is “Keepng Them Honest” and then AC says this:

Despite being largely disproven by the facts, it is back, in fact, never really went away.

AZ legislative session was over.

COOPER: Arizona legislators recently tried and failed to pass a measure there demanding the president produce his birth certificate if he runs for reelection.

And, in five other states right now, there is similar legislation pending. Let me show you over here at the wall, some of the legislation in at least one state. This is from New Hampshire. This is the New Hampshire House Bill 1245. It says, “Names of the candidates shall not appear on the candidate unless the secretary of state has received certified copies of the birth certificates of the candidates.”

Now, according to a recent “Washington Post”/ABC News poll — take a look at this — 20 percent, or one in five surveyed, either say for sure or would say if he had to choose that President Obama was born elsewhere.

And now the birther moment is coalescing around this man right here, Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin. He is a decorated Army doctor, an 18-year veteran facing court-martial for disobeying orders to ship out for another tour of duty in Afghanistan.


COOPER: Now, he says the orders are illegal because he claims that President Obama, the commander in chief, has not proven that he was born in this country.

LTC Lakin is just a stooge fundraiser:

Now on Friday, we invited Lieutenant Colonel Lakin to be on the broadcast. We thought it would be interesting to hear his perspective. His attorney insisted on joining him. We agreed. His attorney, by the way, is being paid for by this organization, a group called American — the American Patriot Foundation. This is their Web site. You can see right here — it is interesting — they’re actually asking for donations for the legal defense fund for Lieutenant Colonel Lakin. Over here, you can see that they say they think that this thing is going to cost more than $500,000. It seems pretty pricey.

They’re basically fund-raising off him.

Can’t see how the birth certificate will be subpoenable. Charges are failing to deploy and disobeying orders.

COOPER: Now, as I mentioned, Lakin faces court-martial for knowingly disobeying the lawful orders of his superiors. And, now, supporters hope that, during the trial, Lakin’s attorneys will be able to subpoena the White House for the president’s birth certificate.

The president is not mentioned in the charges, however, against Lakin. And, according to a number of experts in military justice, he is not even really relevant to the case, because, under military law, the prosecution will likely only have to show that the chain of command is legitimate, not the commander in chief, meaning Lieutenant Colonel Lakin stands a good chance of conviction and dismissal from the service.

We wanted to hear from Lakin himself, but, as you will see in our interview from Friday, he is a man of few words.

Take the few minutes to watch the video from Friday. Cooper talked over lawyer Jensen and referred to LTC Lakin as “the guy” and then cut “the guy” off after 10 words. .

COOPER: We’re talking about the birthers, who have not gone away, despite an awful lot of evidence from nonpartisan sources that there is simply nothing to the story, no “there” there. So, joining me now to discuss the “Raw Politics” of both, CNN contributors Erick Erickson of, and Roland Martin, definitely not of, also.senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

How do they know the birthers won’t be satisfied with original birth certificate.

COOPER: So, Roland, if there is — just to play devil’s advocate here on the birther’s argument,

if there is a hard copy long-form birth certificate in the records department of Hawaii that the — the governor, the Republican governor, of Hawaii has said she sent her physician to see, why not release that?


Because they still won’t be satisfied. We heard the same birther…

COOPER: They say they will be. They say, look, we see that, and — and this thing goes away.

MARTIN: You know what? But, actually, they haven’t been, because, in the last year-and-a-half, I have heard birthers say, oh, they fabricated the long-form. They fabricated the live birth certificate. I mean, these folks will not believe anything. And, so, all you’re simply doing is lending legitimacy to their nonsense.

Used to be called investigative journalism. No one can answer why the media hasn’t demanded a copy.

COOPER: It is interesting, Erick. And you’re conservative, because you have actually come out pretty strongly against the birthers.


COOPER: You say they don’t represent the movement.

I’ve received a lot of e-mails, vitriolic e-mails over the last couple days from birthers.

ERICKSON: You and me both.

There was no change midstride. Never any mention of dual allegiance. And if one were to ask them if they knew what it entailed?

COOPER: Yes — well, who basically are — seem to kind of change the game mid-stride. I mean, they say, well, look, even if there is a birth certificate, because Barack Obama had a father born in Kenya, and has therefore only had one parent who is an American, under this philosopher who the founding fathers listened to —

— that is not the definition of a natural-born citizen.


COOPER: … whereas, in truth, anyone who is born in America, even if their parents aren’t citizens, is a citizen.

American citizen is not the issue.

ERICKSON: Right. You know, John McCain, who wasn’t born in this country, but born of two American citizens, is an American citizen. Mitt Romney’s father had the same issue, and he was an American citizen.

Leahy – it’s Moses, Erickson it’s Christ and the Anti-Christ.

ERICKSON: These people are masters of moving the goalposts.

If Jesus Christ were to come back tomorrow surrounded by angels and say that Barack Obama is a citizen, they would say, it is probably the Antichrist. Let’s stick around and wait for the real Jesus to come.

AC sets up the standard birthers are racist. Recall also how he wondered the “motivation” of the Times Square bomber.

COOPER: So — so, what do you think is behind — I mean, what is behind the belief?

What is — what is the motivation?

ERICKSON: You know, there are some people, I think, who just can’t fathom some things in life. Life has dealt them a raw turn or something. And, so, they come up with elaborate conspiracy theories. We see this across American politics, regardless of ideology. And I think this is one of those cases.

[Toobin comments]

TOOBIN…And I think any effort to mollify them will simply lead to more questions. For example, let’s just mention that the Honolulu newspaper announced his birth the day after he was born.

COOPER: Two of them did, actually, yes.

TOOBIN: Two of them did. So, was that planted years later, so he could run for president? I mean, let’s not just — let’s not dignify these with any…

ERICKSON: They actually have a theory on that one.

TOOBIN: Oh, what is the theory on that one?

How many believe this theory? Announcement 8-13, barry born 8-4.

ERICKSON: Well, that he was actually born in Kenya and, due to the time change, that it was actually put in the newspaper the day he was born. That’s actually — legitimately, that is their argument. You can’t rationalize with these people.

MARTIN: That’s right. You can’t.

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