LTC Lakin: APF press release re June 11 hearing

May 13, 2010

LTC Lakin/birth certificate posts

Hymie – I appreciate your desire not to got to a site that the Pentagon is monitoring but you’re being tracked if you navigate with Google.

The American Patriot Foundation has been around since 2003 – not just recently as AC Cooper implied during his May 7 interview of LTC Lakin and his May 11 rehash with backups Jeffrey Toobin, Roland Martin & Erick Erickson.

APF Press Release re: LTC Lakin’s Article 32 Hearing

Washington, D.C., May 12, 2010. The Army has now officially scheduled a formal hearing its case against Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who is being court-martialled by the Army for refusing to obey orders to deploy to Afghanistan because the President refuses –even in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary– to prove his eligibility under the Constitution to hold office. It will proceed on June 11, 2010 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. at 9:00 a.m. in room 134 of Building T-2.

All proceedings are open to the media and public. The court martial process, which begins with the military’s equivalent of a preliminary hearing in a civilian court, known as an “Article 32 Investigation” (referring to the provision found in that section in the Uniform Code of Military Justice) was just commenced when on May 3, 2010, LTC Lakin was notified that the Art. 32 hearing would take place May 6, 2010. Lakin’s civilian lawyer, Paul Rolf Jensen, immediately requested a continuance to June 11, 2010, and this request has been granted. Assisting Jensen in his defense of Lakin is a very experienced senior member of the Army’s Judge Advocate General’s corps

The American Patriot Foundation, a non-profit group incorporated in 2003 to foster appreciation and respect for the U.S. Constitution, in the one month since establishing a fund to provide a legal defense to LTC Lakin, has received generous donations from more than 1,200 separate individuals. Details are available on the Foundation’s website.

Spokesperson: Ms Margaret Hemenway, daughter-in-law of John D Hemenway, who was the local attorney involved in Phil Berg’s interpleader case Col Hollister v Barry Soetoro. Recall Mr Hemenway was the lawyer ranted at by Judge Robertson, who relied on the internet for his decision onm barry’s “citizenship” which is not the same as eligibility:

The issue of the President’s citizenship was raised, vetted, blogged, texted, twittered, and otherwise massaged by  America’s vigilant citizenry during Mr. Obama’s two-year-campaign for the presidency.

And the vigilant citizenry who are actually aware of the facts – one being barry was never vetted, two being he never released a “certified copy of his original birth certificate”  – are being referred to as bigots, racists, freaks, and lunatics not rational players in American politics.

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