Yale commencement video: Pres Clinton ridicules barry’s BC/eligibility issue

May 28, 2010

Birth certificate posts

President Bill Clinton gave the commencement address to the Yale class of 2010 on May 24.

He talked about climate change and then veered into prejudice and then on to the birthers. The mere fact he saw fit to bring it up proves there is something to it.

Yale University


MR CLINTON: One problem we have in the modern world is we’ve got more access to information than ever before, but we don’t all listen to the same information. American is a much more tolerant conuntry today in most conventional ways…

The only place where we’re bigoted now is we only want to be around people who agree with us.

You think about, and in our media habits, we go to the television sites, we go to the radio talk shows, we go to the blog sites that agree with us.

And it can have very bizarre consequences.

Hawaii, the state were President Obama was born, has done everything they can to debunk this myth that he wasn’t born in America. They’ve done everything but blow up his birth certificate, put it in neon lights, and hang it on the dome of the Capitol.


But 45% of registered Republicans still believe that he is serving unconstitutionally. Why? Because they’ve been told that by the only place they go to get information.

Curious how he neglected to mention the % of registered Democrats who feel the same. As well as the fact that barry has NOT done everything he can to debunk this myth that he wasn’t born in America.

Was Clinton required to mention the birth certificate in exchange for the WH covering him in the Rep Sestak job offer deal?

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