Time to hold POTUS responsible

June 2, 2010
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DAY 39

BP posts


Time to stop with the barry “didn’t ask for it” or that he “didn’t cause X”. He applied for the job despite not being qualified – unrelated to his birth certificate – and he took the job after he wondered if it was too late to “throw it”. He had been in office for 15 months when the oil rig exploded. Plenty of time to get to the bottom of Minerals Management Service (MMS).

1-barry people didn’t know that BP had suspended their top kill.

a-They assure us that Nobel Prize-winning Energy Secy Chu as been physically present in the room where the operation was being directed

b-They assure us that Dr Chu was one of the scientists who warned about more damage had they continued.

c-They assure us that BP has to clear everything with them – which would clearly involve suspending the operation.

2-barry is doing everything he can.

a-No, he isn’t, by the mere fact that Americans being directly affected are saying he hasn’t done X and Y and should be doing Z.

b-He could have gone down there instead of going to SF fundraiser.

c-He could have stayed there for Memorial Day weekend instead of fleeing to Chicago.

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