Gulf signage: “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

June 18, 2010

BP posts, birth certificate posts

Hey Jacqi.

Yes, you’re right. barry’s motorcade saw more than SOS signs. WND put up another “WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE” billboard – this time on Highway 98 near Navarre, FL. Wonder if any mention was made of it in the vehicles. Don’t know if Nathan Deal ever got an answer to his letter asking barry to produce his birth certificate.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Live Leak

Don’t recall their website being on the original ones. (It was.) Kinda makes clear why Lester Kingsolving (WND WH press corps) hasn’t asked Gibbs for a definitive answer on what hospital barry was born in – even when Gibbs invited him to ask about it.

Ran across an article at WND about a Hawaii election clerk who said no birth certificate exists for barry that I need to post. HERE. Haven’t been posting much about the BC/eligibility because I got tired of all the nastinesses who comment.

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