Matthews: “No one has ever paid more tribute to this country than this president”

July 8, 2010

This time Chris Matthews has lost his damn mind.

Hardball – Matthews, Gene Robinson, Pat Buchanan discussing Rush Limbaugh’s latest comments

Besides incorrectly saying barry “inherited this mess down in the Gulf” Matthews says “no one has paid more tribute to this country” than barry.

And how did barry do this?

By giving a speech.

Yes, we’ve heard him say ad nauseum that nowhere else in the world is his story possible…but have we ever heard him say: “I love my country”?

[If you have such a quote please share.]

What I would like to know is what Matthews truly believes in his heart because these words are truly insane.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

MATTHEWS: I`ve got to remind you, Pat, who has a good memory for this — when this president won the nomination back — when he won the nomination,

he gave the most patriotic speech I`ve heard in this country about only in a country like this is my story possible, a total personal autobiographical love statement about America.

Is barry atop your list of patriotic speechmakers?

MATTHEWS: No one has paid more tribute to this country than this president because of what it allowed him to become.

What it “allowed” him to become.


There is no doubt on this planet that had barry not been biracial he would not have been anointed. No doubt whatsoever. Switch his resume with a white/Hispanic/Asian man or a woman of any anything and they would never have made it to Iowa.

And what exactly is barry’s “tribute”?

Worthless words read off the teleprompter?

An autobiography (that he did not author) riddled with lies – most notably about the moment he became aware of his “otherness”?

His refusing to produce his original birth certificate, his school, government and medical records even as he proclaims he is the most transparent president ever?

And what kind of tribute did barry pay his typical white people family – the people who raised him so that he could be in a position to be president – when he checked off only one box on the census form?

What has barry done for the United States other than apologize at every opportunity, smile and shake the hands of tyrants who rant about how horrible the US is, and bow to a savage beast who thinks it’s ok for girls younger than Sasha and Malia to be genitally mutilated and raped in the name of “marriage”?

The persons who have paid the most tribute to this country are those who have done so with their lives, limbs and sanity.

Not the man who lied when he promised to bring them home.

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