Gibbs re: NASA chief’s mission to make Muslims feel good

July 12, 2010

During today’s press briefing, Robert Gibbs addressed NASA Administrator Charles Bolden’s comment that his foremost mission was to make Muslims feel good.

Last week’s clarifications of Bolden’s comments via NPR.

NASA assistant administrator for public affairs Bob Jacobs:

Administrator Bolden understands that NASA’s core mission is exploration, both in space and in scientific endeavors here at home.  Inherent to the success of that mission is cooperation and collaboration with other nations which are equally committed to this effort, including expanding the range of countries with which NASA engages and partners.

Which Muslim countries are “equally committed to this effort”?

And WH spokesman Nick Shapiro:

The President has always said that he wants NASA to engage with the world’s best scientists and engineers as we work together to push the boundaries of exploration.  Meeting that mandate requires NASA to partner with countries around the world like Russia and Japan, as well as collaboration with Israel and with many Muslim-majority countries.  The space race began as a global competition, but, today, it is a global collaboration.

Global collaboration = New world order = barry’s true goal

Today’s briefing:

Q  There are some comments that the NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden, made a couple weeks back that drew some interest, specifically from conservatives who are wondering why we he said that one of the charges that the President gave him when he got the job was that he had to focus on outreach to the Muslim world.  Why is the NASA Administrator doing that?

GIBBS:  That’s an excellent question, and I don’t think — that was not his task, and that’s not the task of NASA.

Q  So did he just misspeak?

GIBBS: I think so.

Q  Has the President spoken to him about that clear it up?


Q  Anybody here at the White House?

GIBBS:  I’m sure people at the White House here talk to NASA all the time.

And the answer to the set up question?

It is such a blip on barry’s Muslim loving radar that the WH doesn’t think it merits further comment.

Bolden said something similar in February to a group of engineering students:

We really like Indonesia because the State Department, the Department of Education [and] other agencies in the U.S. are reaching out to Indonesia as the largest Muslim nation in the world. We would love to establish partners there.

To which Rep Bill Posey (barry birth certificate bill) said:

Am I the only one that thinks there’s something wrong with this picture?

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