Sen Vitter’s alleged birtherism (video)

July 21, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Hey Jacqi.

Not sure about the first two things but this is an absolute zero controversy….especially compared to his other dalliances so to speak. Sen Vitter cops out anyway by saying he does not have standing, which is not true according to the first judge to rule on Berg’s case, Judge Surrick.

The fact that Vitter knew enough to mention standing shows he know what’s going on and the people who needed to hear him say it heard him do so.

The rest is a skillful I hear you, I feel your pain, I’m not going to say anything to get me in trouble because I know the cameras are recording, so let’s come out to the polls and will defeat barry that way.

And, really, isn’t there enough to worry about in Louisiana right now?

This is, of course, an edited anti-birther clip of a “birther declaration”. Editing of tapes seem only to matter to the Democrats and  then only about race and then only about the initial video. How many people are actually aware that the “FULL” Sherrod tape has a gap in at the very place she is talking about what she did/didn’t do for that whitey farmer and it resumes with the audience laughing? And how many folks know that Ms Sherrod’s story doesn’t exactly jive with the Spooner’s?

Andrew Breitbart is CNN’s present Lou Dobbs. They can’t exactly go after Glenn Beck because he stuck up for Ms Sherrod. Why? She was ‘allegedly’ fired because she was ‘allegedly’ going to be on his show. I threw in “allegedly” even though those were Ms Sherrod’s words because a blogger’s Freedom of Speech is no longer a guarantee under the US Constitution as interpreted by barry’s WH.


Greater New Orleans Tea Party
Metairie, Louisiana

Lousiana Democrats via TPMtv

[hand transcribed]

MALE CONSTITUENT: I’d like to pose a question myself. I think it’s bothered a lot of us for a long time and I’d like to ask you Sen Vitter: What do you personally know about this and what you personally will do about it, if anything, and that is, Mr Obama’s refusal to produce a valid birth certificate?


SEN DAVID VITTER: I know all the information I’ve been able to get my hands on through the media. But obviously, with the MSM as a filter, that’s not a whole lot. I, personally, don’t have standing to bring litigation in court – but I support conservative legal organizations and others who would bring that to court. I think that is the valid and most possibly effective grounds to do it.

Let me also say this: I think, quite frankly – and I’ll be blunt – I think if we focus on that issue and let our eye off the ball in terms of this fall’s election, in terms of ongoing policy votes, week in, week out, in the Congress, I think that’s a big mistake. I think we need–


I think first and foremost – I’m not, I’m not dismissing any of this –  I think first and foremost, we need to fight the Obama agenda at the ballot box.


Starting this fall – we need a new and very different Congress.


If anything, the level of applause to Vitter’s comments about not pursuing the issue is proof positive that not all teapartiers are birthers…of course the applause could have come from barry operatives who were filming this VITTER IS A BIRTHER!!! video.

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