Video: African internet scam using fallen American soldiers’ photos

July 28, 2010

The people doing this should be sent to war or face a firing squad (or face a gator feeding frenzy) instead of being imprisoned.

Persons unknown – emails tracked to West Africa – undoubtedly Nigerians again – are using photos of fallen American soldiers to scam women into sending them money. Army Master Sgt CJ Grisham, who has been investigating the scumballs, had his name and photo hijacked as well. Big mistake.

CNN video below shows a family of a fallen soldier whose photo was sued to bilk money from a woman in Indiana. The soldier in question, Brian Browning, was killed in Iraq in 2008. Military can’t do much because it is not the soldiers themselves doing it and the FBI hasn’t been able to stop the Nigerians with their old I am the descendant of a king BS scams.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

PERRY BROWNING: Some scumbag is using my son’s good name and honor to pillage women….Just know, scumbag out there, the Brownings are looking for you – hard.

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