(Video) Sajjad pleads for his mother’s life

July 19, 2010

Ashtiani/stoning posts
Ms Ashtiani’s own words

Sajjad Ghaderzade, 22, only son of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, has come forward to plead for his mother’s life.

In 2006, Ms Ashtiani was wrongly convicted of adultery (husband dead, no witnesses, no evidence, charges brought by a local prosecutor who probably wanted her for himself). She was given 99 lashes and then sent to prison, where she has been for 5 years.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Sajjad describes how he watched his mother be savaged – he was only 17, his sister Saideh only 12 at the time.

SAJJAD: The authorities asked if I wanted to wait outside. I said no, I could not leave my mother alone. 5 years ago, at that time, it should have been finished. They should have punished her only once. She is innocent. It is crucial I tell these men what I have to say.

He wrote two letters – one to the world community to speak on his mother’s behalf, with a special appeal to Iranians living abroad and the other to Iranian officials to seek a pardon.


Children of Sakine Mohammadi: Protest Against our Mother’s Stoning


Do not allow our nightmare become a reality, protest against our mother’s stoning!

Today we stretch out our hands to the people of the whole world. It is now five years that we have lived in fear and in horror, deprived of motherly love. Is the world so cruel that it can watch this catastrophe and do nothing about it?

We are Sakine Mohammadi e Ashtiani’s children, Fasride and Sajjad Mohamamadi e Ashtiani. Since our childhood we have been acquainted with the pain of knowing that our mother is imprisoned and awaiting a catastrophe. To tell the truth, the term “stoning” is so horrific that we try never to use it. We instead say our mother is in danger, she might be killed, and she deserves everyone’s help.

Today, when nearly all options have reached dead-ends, and our mother’s lawyer says that she is in a dangerous situation, we resort to you. We resort to the people of the world, no matter who you are and where in the world you live. We resort to you, people of Iran, all of you who have experienced the pain and anguish of the horror of losing a loved one.

Please help our mother return home!

We especially stretch our hand out to the Iranians living abroad. Help to prevent this nightmare from becoming reality. Save our mother. We are unable to explain the anguish of every moment, every second of our lives. Words are unable to articulate our fear…

Help to save our mother. Write to and ask officials to free her. Tell them that she doesn’t have a civil complainant and has not done any wrong. Our mother should not be killed. Is there any one hearing this and rushing to our assistance?

Faride and Sajjad Mohammadi e Ashtiani


And Sajjad wrote a letter to the 2 people who can pardon his mother.

1-Supreme unHoly Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, who blamed Neda for her own execution.

2-Judiciary Chairman, SADEQ LARIJANI.

[His brother Mohammad is judiciary’s human rights chief.]

Dear Mr Khamenei, Mr Ahmadinejad and Mr Larajani:

All I ask for is a letter. I want a letter for my dear mother. Please write this letter of pardon because she is innocent. 100% innocent. If you do not have respect for what I am saying, just take a look at her file. You will see she is innocent.

Sajjad Mohammedie Ashtiani

It’s clear Ms Ashtiani has no chance internally. Her only hope is international pressure.

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