Brazil offer of asylum to Ms Ashtiani rejected by Iran

This also went missing.

August 3, 2010

Ashtiani posts

Brazilian president Lula da Silva’s offer of asylum to Sakineh Ashtiani and her children has been rejected by Iran. And yes, Ms Ashtiani knew about it.

Save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Campaign press release:

Mehman Parast, spokesperson of the foreign ministry in Tehran, today rejected the offer made by the Brazilian president Lula da Silva to give asylum to Sakine Ashtiani and her children.

Ms Ashtiani had been given the news of the offer by her son Sajad yesterday and was very happy about it.

ICAS hope that Lula da Silva and other governments will continue their efforts to free Sakine Ashtiani.

The campaign to save Sakine continues and we will put pressure on the Islamic regime until she is freed.

Mina Ahadi

International Committee Against Executions
International Committee Against Stoning

Read Ms Ashtiani’s own words from prison
Read her son’s words

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