GRAPHIC PHOTO: What 50 lashes does to a woman’s flesh


July 31, 2010

Ashtiani posts

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has been sentenced twice for a crime she never committed. She survived the 99 lashes she was initially sentenced to while her 17 y/o son watched. Now they want to stone her to death on the judge’s “knowledge” that she committed adultery. There has never been any evidence presented or witnesses in the case. Also, Ms Ashtiani is of Turk descent and does not speak Farsi, which her trials were conducted in.

Photo follows

Do not know what “crime” preceded this savagery.

Video screenshot – unfortunately I can’t find the video it came from.

God bless this tortured woman who was brave enough to allow herself to be photographed – if she was given the choice.

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