Video: UK FM Wm Hague calls for end to Iran’s “medieval punishment” of stoning, Turkish FM DAVUTOGLU DOES NOT

August 1, 2010

Ashtiani posts
Read Ms Ashtiani’s own words from prison

JULY 8: UK Secretary of State William Hague expressed his disgust as the impending execution by stoning of 43 y/o mother of two (22 y/o son, 17 y/o daughter), Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani in stone age Iran. This is what Mr Hague said at a press conference in London alongside Turkish foreign minister AHMET DAVUTOGLU. Mr Hague doesn’t say much in the tone of his voice but his continue movement of his head toward the Turkish foreign minister says a great deal.


HAGUE: For my part, I am appalled by reports of  this imminent execution. I think stoning is a medieval punishment that has no place in the modern world. And the continued use of such a punishment in Iran demonstrates, in our view, a blatant disregard for human rights commitments, which it has previously entered into.

So I do call on Iran to put an immediate stay to this execution and review the process by which this women was tried.

And I think if this punishment was carried out, it would disgust and appal the watching world.

That’s the problem: the world is watching not SCREAMING.

Turkey’s worthless AHMET DAVUTOGLU:

We’re trying to work and consult on all these issues with our neighbor Iran, of course we have to see the file.

Meaning the idea of stoning in perfectly acceptable in Turkey’s eyes.

He actually went on to say:

We are defending European values in the surrounding region.

By mouthing he needs to see a file?

What about 16 y/o Turk MEDINE MEMI who was buried alive with her hands tied behind her back? Buried alive in a hole next to a chicken coop which her father and grandfather then sealed over with concrete (below). Shovel after shovel of chicken feces and feathers and other waste thrown on top of a live child just because the men of the family could. Dirt that was found in her mouth, stomach, throat and lungs.

The hole where a 16-year-old girl was buried alive by her relatives in Adiyaman, southeastern Turkey

What type of European values did Davutoglu defend in his own country?

Are human rights – women and girls’ “European” rights only?


Read 2006 report on Turkey’s own human rights record

It would be as farcical as Iran being allowed to join the UN Commission on the Status of Women – something barry had no problem with.

How is sitting on the UN Commission on the Status of Women, whose professed goal is equality if women, consistent with stoning?

And if Mr Turkey were to have actually looked at the file – did anyone ask? – he would have seen ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE of a crime. And he would have found that 2 of the 5 judges felt the same way. Imagine that – 2 men in Iran said a woman did not commit the crime of adultery. And yet those two men, who seemed to have had a conscience, were unable to stand against their fellow Muslim men.

What those two men did is worse than the three ignorant savages. Those two men will stand by and let an innocent women be executed in the most savage way possible. And if no one intervenes, and Ms Ashtiani is murdered by stoning, I hope those two men are haunted forever. Expecting them to be brought to justice for their involvement is less likely than Ms Ashtiani receiving a reprieve.

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