Videos: Experience stoning for yourself

August 3, 2010



Ashtiani posts

Stop and think of what Iran is going to do to 43 y/o mother of two Sakineh Ashtiani (pix) for a crime she did not commit and for which she was already punished with 99 lashes and 5 years imprisonment.

See what 50 lashes do to a woman’s flesh (graphic photo).

Iran is going to dig a hole, force an innocent mother of two into it, tie her arms (something they don’t do to men – if you get out of the hole you’re free), bury her at least up to her chest and then stand back and begin throwing rocks/stones at the woman facing them. Stones are small and meant to inflict the maximum amount of pain and humiliation until the woman is murdered…after her lips are split open, her teeth knocked out or down her throat, her nose, jaw and face broken and the skin on her face lacerated beyond recognition.

This in a country who is a member of the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

The first stones ordinarily go to the father, husband and then sons. In this case, the husband is dead (he made no claims) and the son is in his mother’s corner. (Read/listen to his words.) At age 17, he was courageous enough to bear witness to every one of his mother’s 99 lashes.  Punishment enough for the false charges made against her. Not to mention the abuse she has suffered while she has been imprisoned for the last 5 years.

Graphic photo/videos follows.

Adults only.

Imagery and sound only

Maximize screen, press your face against your monitor and turn up the sound.


If your imagination isn’t enough – watch a movie version of stoning.

Sean Hannity speaks with producer of “The Stoning of Soraya M” Cyrus Nowrasteh. The true story of an Iranian woman who was stoned to death because her husband wanted to marry a teenager. A marriage that never happened and a savage execution that did.

GRAPHIC footage of the stoning scene starts the video and is shown throughout.



Iraq: 17 y/o Kurd girl guilty of nothing but being in the area of a band of Muslim savages who grabbed her off the street and proceeded to stone her to death on the spot. The video is interrupted but the attack could not have taken more than 2 minutes start to finish. Their weapons: feet, cinder blocks and cellphones to memorialize their savagery.

No need to watch the video.


17 y/o girl is murdered before your eyes

The beasts choke her, kick her, throw stones on her and jostle for the best cellphone view of her savaging.

Consider yourself warned.


Police stood by and did nothing.

*Chose not to include her name.

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